Anaheim Angels Epically Troll St. Louis Fans With Giant LA Rams Advertisement


ANAHEIM, CA – Way to add insult to injury, not pun intended.

Wednesday night at the Cardinals-Angels game just outside of Los Angeles, the Angels decided to give a little kick to the gut to the entire city of St. Louis, especially Rams fans.

A giant LA Rams advertisement reading, “” next to the team’s logo was displayed on the area which displays virtual ads visible to the television viewers.

To add insult to injury, astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently returned from a year in space, sent out a low blow tweet mocking the now absent Rams in St. Louis.

There’s no confirmation the ad was placed there purposefully, but it’s apparent the Angels were in charge of the ad being displayed as many were that of LA and surrounding area business.

The Angels ended up dropping the game to the Cards, 5-2. Karma perhaps?

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