Announcer Rants About How Alex Smith Is “Up There” With The Manning’s & Brees’

Former all-pro safety John Lynch is broadcasting these days, and judging by this statement he made  before the Chiefs game Sunday night is nothing short of idiotic. Granted Kansas City QB Alex Smith may fly under the radar taking a very poor Chiefs team to the playoffs one year later, but what he says here is mind boggling; maybe Lynch suffered one too many concussions during his career. Have a listen:
(h/t Gifdsports)


  1. It’s not that idiotic, the guy struggled in San Francisco for a large period namely because their management was insanely innate. He had a different coordinators every year until Harbaugh and the offenses weren’t even similar, it was a very incoherent system there.

    I don’t think he’s suggesting he’s as good as Manning, as there’s maybe 2 QBs in the NFL at that level, but he can be qualified as an elite QB to some people. Look at how he did in his last 2 seasons in San Francisco, and look at how he played for KC. Yes, he isn’t putting up huge numbers and having star-studded highlights, but then if he was I guess you’d just make Tony Romo memes out of him.

  2. Quarterbacks have to be allowed to grow into a consistent system. Manning and Brees have had the same systems for years and guys like Brady and Rodgers have had systems built around their strengths. Nobody can succeed playing in a new system every year. Alex has been in the same type of west coast system now since 2011 and has advanced every year. This article is arguing one man’s opinion, really, and making a bigger deal about a five second sound bite when Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid have said the same kinds of things in the past.

  3. He took a team that was 2-14 to 11-5. That’s the type of thing Manning, Brees, Brady, and Rodgers are capable of doing. He many not have been a gunslinger but he rarely turned it over and made good reads and converted plays when he needed to. I don’t agree with Lynch’s statement, but I don’t think it’s completely absurd.


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