Bill Belichick’s Reaction To Being Asked If Brady Will Start Week 5 Is Hilarious

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Bill Belichick doesn’t like press conferences. What can make a bad press conference even worse? Stupid questions.

That came cutesy of one reporter Friday morning during a press conference where Bill Belichick took questions about the team and the current status of suspended QB Tom Brady, who will out until Week 5 of the season.

The reporter asked coach Belichick whether Brady would start Week 5, and his reaction is the most Bill Belichick reaction ever.

An eye roll and a muttered “Jesus Christ” is all you need sometimes.


  1. perhaps Jesus Christ would be his next quarterback, what a shame he had to stoop to saying that, you are a coach, if you can’t handle interviews then quit the league – now we know where Brady gets his cry baby attitude !


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