The Blind Side Story Continues, Michael Oher Reaches Super Bowl 50


If you’re a football fan, it’s likely you watched and loved The Blindside.

The 2009 hit film was about a poverty stricken foster child who took up football and with the help of his adopted parents, worked up to one of the most touted NFL prospects in college football, eventually becoming a first-round pick. 

Turns out, the main character is in fact based a real person along with the plot being factual, and that person is Michael Oher, the 29-year-old tackle for the Super Bowl 50 bound Carolina Panthers.

Oher played for the Baltimore Ravens from 2009 to 2013 and the Titans for one year, and now the Panthers. This will be Oher’s second Super Bowl, previously reaching and winning one with Baltimore.

Oher’s mother, Leigh Anne Touhy, played by Sandra Bullock in the movie, posted this photo to her Facebook page after the game, posing with her husband and son after the Panthers beat the Cardinals in the NFC Championship:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.03.12 PM

Oher is seeking his second ring and will do so against Peyton Manning and the Broncos February 7th in Santa Clara.

What a great story that is still being written…(yes movie producers, that was a hint for a sequel. Give the people what they want).


  1. Oher is seeking his second ring and will do so against Peyton Manning and the Panthers? So Oher is going to be on the Field going against Peyton and his own team? So is Oher Gonna try his best to help Denver Win? lol And This article is even more funny because Last I heard Oher was Blaming the Movie Blind Side for screwing his life up

    • Well, movies about your life tend to put you in the spotlight, many times for the wrong reasons. You get weirdo fans who think they ‘know you’ because they saw the film. You get ranters who critique everything from the ‘accuracy’ of the film to racial politics. You get armchair critics who start insulting YOU because they didn’t like the film (which is not the same thing). I’d actually shudder to have a film about me, not because it wouldn’t be cool, but because of all the idiots who come out of the wood work. 🙂

  2. Amazing that people are trashing this whole article because of one mistake by the blogger. This article is about Oherr & his family, not the author. Can you stop being petty long enough to give the man some credit?

    • You hit the mark and didn’t realize it. Nobody is trashing Oher or the Touhys, I imagine nearly 100% of us clicked the link because we LIKE Michael and admire him and the Touhys.
      The author? He/she wrote 206 words and couldn’t get an important part correct on initial publish (and didn’t even acknowledge the edit)

      Rooting for Michael, disappointed in the author.

      • You got a “like” from me. I agree that the author should have been more careful & edited the piece before publishing. Thank you for being polite in your response.

    • Let me guess, you are one of those people who never uses homophones correctly and gets defensive and angry when people call you out…They should get “there” acts together , shouldn’t they! “Your” “wright”, who should be concerned with “righting” correctly? LMAO Dont have me going on your page to pluck out your skilled writing. Yet you think you are different from those who complain about the writing mistake by bitching about them, right? So now the article is all about you! I proofread every single thing I post and I don’t post anything professionally! It is not rocket science.

      • Whew! Who peed in YOUR Cheerios this morning? So now you want to bash me too? I’m a secondary school teacher, & probably dislike incompetence more than you do. I also dislike arm-chair know-it-alls who consider themselves perfect & sit in judgement on others. People like YOU are the reason so many of my students fear expressing themselves. Must be cozy there in your little You-topia. You aren’t worth my time – goodbye.

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          the 4 Ss…? Now have a seat in your recliner and take a break, after all your secondary students have less than first grade goals to achieve, you have an easy job! Oh, why don’t you post that opinion on your school website while you’re at it!? ? And put it on your resume…oh the jobs you could get! ☺???????✌☝?

          • I feel sorry for your children, having to grow up in a house with a nutcase like you. Go ahead & continue your rant – LOL!

  3. OK I have seen this movie a few times and I Love it, BUT MY TEAM IS DENVER BRONCOS!!!

  4. The Tuohys took in a boy who’d never been taken in and cared for, and made him a part of their family. And he’s going to play in the Super Bowl. Unless you’ve done that for a child, keep your negative comments to yourself.

  5. Great movie. It really surprises me how adults can act with one another. The sad thing is I’d bet money a lot of them are raising children and just wonder if they raise them to treat others the same as they do. We can root for our team or certain players without ripping others a new one. Everyone in the playoffs deserved to be there or they wouldn’t be. Sometimes you win sometimes you don’t and it sucks big time but I like to walk away with my dignity as a fan.

  6. I read it as Saying. ..Oher and the Panthers are up against Peyton and the Broncos..I guess it’s all in how you Perceive it

    • The article was edited since yesterday – it said “against Peyton Manning and the Panthers” That’s why there is so much hassling the author – a 3 paragraph article with a significant mistake.

  7. WELLCOME TO CONCUSSION LAND. I don´t enjoy football anymore .. just de thougth that 25% of the player will end up have some sort of brain disorder..makes me really sad..poor fellows

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  9. Here’s to hoping the Panthers trash Peyton and the Broncos! I can never forgive Denver for the way they sh!ittee on Tim Tebow.

  10. Great Movie, but a better Story! Big Mikey is the Real Deal and is Loved by his fellow Panthers and the whole Charlotte community! Let the man enjoy this moment and get lost in the Hoop Lah that goes with the trip to the Super Bowl!!! Congrats to Michael and to the Touhys, and especially Sandra Bullock for bringing this story to life for the rest of us!!!

  11. Look at the face of the person behind them to the left. I know that Oher was upset that many untruths and exaggerations were done in the film but the core of the story is true.


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