Darrelle Revis Reportedly Slapped Brandon Marshall At Jets Practice


Skirmishes and shoving matches aren’t anything far from the norm at NFL training camps. Fist fight’s though, that’s a different story.

Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis, who according to Marshall at least are good friend, turned up the heat in a good old-fashioned summer skirmish to spice up the monotony of practice.

According to team reporters who were in New Jersey watching training camp, Marshall and Revis exchanged blows that included shoves and slaps to the had.

Like every fight, the most pressing question on everyone’s mind: So, who started it?

Though Revis declined to speak to reporters, Marshall did open up details to how the altercation began. The WR told the media that during 1-on-1 drills early in practice, he made a first down signal after catching a pass on a comeback route against Revis. Consequently, Revis slapped Marshal across the helmet on the next play.


  1. Everyone is so worried about being “first”… how about some QA checks. A slap to the “had” and “are good friend”? Does anyone read this stuff before they publish it?

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