Bryan Braman Strips Football, Then Suplexes Colt’s Quarterback

Bryan Braman is a scary dude. He looks scary and by this play, he plays scary too.
Braman is a linebacker who went undrafted but was later signed by the Texans, and now is looking to make the Eagles roster, making big plays in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s Eagles vs Colts preseason game.



  1. Looking to make the roster? Where have you been? Braman is a ST ACE!!!!!!! He’s on the roster not for his LB play, but he showed some flashes today. Get to know your football.

    • when you have several hours of free tíme, there ís a simple method that wìll enable you to make some fast profìt each week – learn how by visìting link lísted on my disqus profíle ( important: make sure to act fast because thìs lìnk wìll be avaílable only for a short time whìle on dìsqus )


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