Cam Newton Takes 12th Man Flag From Stands, Chucks It As Far As He Can

In case it wasn’t clear already for opposing fans, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton doesn’t like to see anything supporting the visiting team in his home stadium.

Newton made headlines earlier this season when he tore down a Green Bay Packers fan’s sign that was hanging at the stadium. Then, earlier this month, the Panthers quarterback snatched a Jameis Winston jersey from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan during a stadium victory lap of sorts, to which he actually fell when the Bucs fan pulled back.

After the Panthers held on for a 31-24 victory over the Seahawks to advance to the NFC Championship Game, Newton once again made his way to the stands to hand out high-fives. For whatever reason, somebody decided to put their “12” flag out there near the Carolina star. And Newton then did what he does and threw it down.

Let this be a lesson to any Arizona Cardinals fan who makes the trip to Charlotte next week: Don’t wave any of your team gear at Newton unless you are willing to lose it.


  1. Much to about nothing, if they win the Super bowl, all will forgiven. This season he has risen to the top of his game. He is a little hyper, but he is playing damn good Ball. Don’t forget that ok.

    • Damn good ball is playing 60 mins of Football not 30. Cam was shutout in the 2nd half and it was the defense who pulled him out.

      • Cam didn’t turn the ball over. Wilson did twice in the first half. When you’re up that much, it’s more important that to secure the ball then anything else. And he did that. And they won.

        • Seattle was in a hole im not at all denying this, in fact both teams played only 30 mins of good ball, Cam just happened to amass such a lead that it made it hard for Seattle to comeback, but comeback they almost did, and even CAM NEWTON himself admitted to himself that his playing was poor in the second half. Cam was so frustrated in the 3rd quarter due to this massive then 14-0 (meaning point ratio scored in second half) run Seattle had going on, he was visably shaken and irritable, do I have to mention the F-bomb?

          Seattle also exposed some serious flaws in the secondary, with Russell Wilson able to longbomb passes to Kearse and rookie Lockett, with no one from Carolina protecting the area or providing deep enough coverage to even prevent the catch. You think that will stop Tom Brady???

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  2. Cam Newton grabbed anything of mine I would kick his ass. He better think twice someone’s gonna get him. He ain’t all that trust me.

      • Right! You know y’all was shitting your pants the last 5 minutes of that game. The early mistakes Seattle made caused them the game, not the fantastic plays of your Cam Mandingo Wanna Be Ass. Poor sportsmanship displayed by him. I wish he would spend more time learning the meaning of words than promoting reckless behavior, then maybe he will be taken seriously; and that’s from one Brother to another.

  3. Typical seattle 12th man douche bag whining yet again. Next thing you know, they will throw a parade for the hawks just for being in the playoff. good grief, did you expect the man to sign the crap? Seattle hipsters are the worse; everything is about me, me, me.

    You do know it was probably left there by some x-12th man that left the stadium to go buy up panther gear.

  4. Someone handed him the flag. He didn’t rip it out of someone’s hand. What exactly should he have done with it? Folded it respectfully and handed it back?

    Totally different than him ripping down the Green Bay banner and destroying it. That was uncalled for and he should have replaced it and be fined.

    • It’s because he’s an arrogant, disrespectful heel to everyone outside of Panthers nation that has yet to mature into the role of a leader off the field. Leaders don’t disrespect the game with a 2:00 minute warning photoshoot, they don’t throw flags, or tear down banners. There are other fans in Charlotte, besides Panthers fans, they like to root for their teams too and should have allowance to bring their regalia and fatigues. Why would Cam care if an opposing fan is there showing respect for their team with custom banners? He should respect that organization and not whine about banners or flags. A real leader wouldn’t be bothered by such things, but he is. HE says it compromises the game, but he’s doing the same thing with his antics? Sure he gives balls out to kids and is active in charities but if you act out in such a manner, that one charitable trait cannot define that person solely.

      • ..and neither can one moment in excitement over a win. Good grief – – – someone hand him a flag for the team they just beat and he threw it. Big f’ing deal. Get over it.

        • Except it’s not “one” moment, I really don’t care about the flag, I never said I had a problem with it, I summed it up as another arrogant decision on his part, more of the same ol poor decision making that he has made off the field. What you seem to gloss over is, the fact that it isn’t the flag itself that fans have a problem with. It’s not even a first offense, it’s a culmination of events that have been witnessed by many since his rookie year, you know when even Carolina fans were calling him an immature and arrogant person. Oh but because they’re winners now you can excuse such behavior, I guess.


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