Chargers Fly All The Way To Florida, Propose Best Offer To Joey Bosa, He Turns It Down

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FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Chargers fans felt a glimmer of hope when the team’s owner’s plane was spotted in the hometown of Joey Bosa Tuesday, but that all came to another disappointing blow to the hopes of Joey Bosa playing this season.

According to Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chargers fans were stirred up by reports that the Spanos Family’s plane was tarmacked in Bosa’s stomping grounds, yet according to reports, Bosa has turned down the team’s latest and “best” offer just 90 minutes after it was proposed. The Chargers subsequently revoked the offer that would made Bosa the second highest paid player in his first-year of any player drafted in the 2016 NFL draft. Talks are said to be “going nowhere’.

The 22-year-old Ohio State product was taken with the 3rd overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, with hopes of Bosa turning out to because one of the more dominant players in the NFL. They’re learning quickly it’s hard to become one of the better forces in the NFL when you can’t even get onto an NFL field.

The Chargers and Bosa have been in contract dispute ever since the two sat down at the table. Bosa’s mother has even publicly showed her spite at the team by writing in a Facebook comment where she wrote “wished they pulled an Eli Manning on draft day.”

The team released a statement reinforcing their concern of Bosa missing valuable time and the possibility of his missing regular season games.

Bosa has made it clear that he feels “disrespected” by the Chargers. He added that a source noted “irreparable” damage has been done to the relationship.


  1. Except he never asked for more money, just protection in the contract language…as you do in negotiations. Just shows how far the Chargers are willing to go to fuck players while they make billions, even if the requested language is standard with every other team.

    • Actually, the Chargers proposed language is what’s standard around the league… get your facts straight before you talk your shit fool. The only ones screwing Bosa are the people advising him to keep pushing for more. After this shit, he isn’t going in the top five next year of he sits and waits to be redrafted so he’s gonna lose a hell of a lot more money trying to bully the team than by playing ball. The fact he’s the only one to pull this shot since the new collective bargaining agreement should tell you something.

        • Your ass may or may not be standard… but differed bonuses and offset language is unquestionably standard practice around the league.

          • Absolutely is not standard all espn analysis agree it isn’t. If they didn’t want to pay for a 3rd overall they should have traded down just another classless move by a classless organization.

          • Wrong again Frankie… Carson Wentz, the number 2 overall pick, has both differed money and offset language in his contract… the number 4 pick has differed money. The player to which Bosa would aspire to be and to whom he’s most often compared, Watt, has both offset language and differed money in his contact and had them both in his rookie deal as well.

          • Wentz is the only one that has both then. Bosa was only asking for one or they other. An according to the experts that is exactly what every other draft pick in his position has gotten sense the current system has began. Get a grip and a clue .

          • Still wrong Frankie… others in this draft class, and every draft class, have had both. Just no third overalls in the last few years. Regardless, he’s proven nothing and is asking for more concessions than established stars like Rivers and Watts have received. He’s expecting more money than number one overall and a better deal than number two overall. So… your nonsense assertion about a “classless organization” that doesn’t want to pay forent a 3rd overall is complete bullshit… take your own advice, quit sucking Bosa’s hose and get a clue.

          • Just like the chargers your classlesd and clueless no sense trying to have any kind of intelligent discussion with you.

          • Awwww… Frankie’s got no facts to back up his position so now you’re getting your feelings hurt! Lmao! You keep making erroneous points but you think you’re the intelligent one, that’s hilarious!!!

          • My facts are on sports center every day but your to stupid to comprehend. Like I said a typical classless charger fan acting like a little spoiled kid.

          • Incorrect Frankie… you seem to have trouble with comprehension. In fact, just last night, it was discussed how Bosa has no leverage at all and is fighting a losing battle.

            PS – When telling someone they’re stupid, you should at least spell “you’re” correctly.

          • Actually no, they didn’t… the Chargers “pay up” just as much as any other team. Regardless, rookie deals are slotted so there’s no negotiating the total value anymore.

            Do you even watch football or have any idea how this shit works or do you just talk out your ass?

      • Sorry “fool,” you’re wrong:

        “Simply put, it means that while it may not be the “Chargers way” to negotiate the offset language or the timing of the signing bonus, it is how the league conducts its business with its top five picks. This really makes how they go about their business irrelevant and makes them look petty.”

        “Precedent around the league certainly supports compromising with Bosa on either, or both, of these issues.”

        He’s the only one “pulling this shot” because the Chargers are the only team “pulling this shot.” Instead of simply agree to ONE of them as he’s graciously offered, they offer him 2nd highest rookie salary for the first year (which isn’t a huge increase, he’s already in the 3rd slot) to make him look selfish so people like you say “I’d suck the world’s fattest c*ck to make that kinda money, no questions asked, what a selfish brat!!” If they’re willing to pay a premium to avoid the contract language, and he’s willing to hold out for what he feels is right for him and the precedent of future rookies the Chargers draft (much to his credit, I’d add; even when the Chargers shortsighted PR department has decided to publically roast the same player they’ve drafted in the first round and want to make part of their team for years to come) maybe they’re not exactly on the up-and-up.

        It’s not about money, or he would’ve took their offer. He never asked for money, you simple-minded dolt. And next time you talk about “getting facts straight” how about you look it up.

        • You’re an idiot… he would be making more THIS YEAR than the first overall pick but he wants MORE bonus money THIS YEAR. How the fuck is that “not about money” you mouth breathing retard?

          Offset language is standard in ALL NFL contracts in the modern era because teams don’t want to pay players to play for other teams. It’s an exception when players sign contacts without offset language. He’s a promising player getting shitty advice from greedy parents who don’t understand the modem NFL. JJ Watt’s contract, an established pro, contains both differed bonus and offset language… his rookie contract also contained differed bonus money and offset language. He’s being given an excellent contact offer, better than all but one or two players in this year’s draft which is exactly commensurate with his draft position.

          Now how about you go look up actual facts instead of regurgitating the rants of like minded talking heads you simple minded mongoloid.

          • The number two overall THIS YEAR has both offset and deferral language in his contact, what the number three did last year has no bearing on the negotiation. You slot based on where you’re drafted this year, not what happened in years past.


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