Cleveland Browns Running Back Posts Picture Of Police Officer Getting His Throat Slit


The United States has just emerged from one of the darkest weeks in our the country’s history.

With numerous videos of the height of police brutality, with the horrific and graphic killings of two black men being caught on tape and shared with the world. Alton Sterling and Philander Castile lost their lives at the hands of police officers, prompting ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests across the country. Dallas’ protested included a shooting which left over 10 cops shot and 5 dead in which was a massacre on white and the police force.

When it comes to important societal issues like this one outside of sports, their has been heavy debate on whether athletes should speak out or remain introverted with their thoughts. Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell chose to speak out, yet did it in a digesting, classless way. Following the shootings and admit the outrage sweeping the nation, Crowell posted this to his Instagram account:

Definitely a good look for Crowell, the Browns or the NFL. Crowell took to Twitter to post this apology after deleting the tweet. As expected, neither was taken well.

There’s no word yet on if Crowell will receive punishment from the Browns organization.


        • What he posted is outrageous! I just don’t believe that these so-called “facts” which you have posted offer anything of relevance.

          • I think it shows a lot..Blacks are protesting about the police killing black men when clearly it is the white man that is shot and killed a lot more than a black man..A black man is killed a hell of a lot more by another black man than any police shooting..You go ahead and follow the Black Panthers the ones that started Black lives Matters They are extreme racist Muslims fueling hate in this country.BEFORE LONG THE U.S WILL BE A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY

          • There aren’t any polls or statistical data that will eliminate the history of our country and what people of color have had to endure. I’ve seen hate in the U.S. far longer than Black Lives Matter, or any other group’s existence. No group speaks for any entire race or ethnic sect of people. The sooner people figure that out – the closer we might come to unity.

          • This comment would work if the uneducated black man could count to see whos actually killing who. Or if they cared that they are killing more blacks themselves than any cop could. They don’t care about that. They only see what they want to see. This item was dusgusting and I don’t care how upset this idiot was. He chose to post what he did an no apology is good enough. I’m pissed that blacks are killing people. Their own people!! Idiots

          • So a word was spelled wrong and thats what you get out of this discussion? I don’t know you and thats a good thing, you don’t know me. So move on to more important comments. **BLUE LIVES MATTER TOO***

          • No, what I got out of this is that you are an ignorant, racist, bigot who thinks they have the right to say “uneducated black men can’t count” when you can’t even spell. **ALLJOBSMATTER** not just BLUE JOBS. RIGHt?!?!? Isn’t that how this works now?

          • Black lives matter, just not all black lives. There’s a huge difference my dear. When a person kills a cop, they no longer matter. If that makes a racist then so be it. Now go away. Your bothering me.

          • Here let me help you: It’s YOU’RE not YOUR. As in YOU ARE. Whites are also killing people. The difference is that your statistics don’t mention that black people are more likely to be arrested, convicted, and serve longer sentences. They are also more likely to live in poor, high-crime areas where violence occurs. Do you think this is because they want to be poor and violent? Do you think most people say to themselves “Gee I’d like to be poor and violent when I grow up!!”. NO. It’s because the white man is born with opportunity that a black man isn’t. Once you get past your bigotry, maybe you’ll see that. Uneducated black men can’t count? What about people like you who can’t spell? If I were to use the same assumptions toward you that you are using toward black men, I’d say that you are a poor white woman on welfare living in a trailer who dropped out of high school. See how that works? Does that seem fair to you?

          • It’s to show that police killings are not exclusive to any particular race. I believe there are unjustified police killings of many races myself. Cops seem to be more trigger happy than ever.

          • Except that we aren’t protesting justified force that results in death. We are protesting the slaughter of black people over minor crimes, traffic violations, etc. Do you have “data” that shows that these killings of white men were over similar minor offenses? My guess is no. There’s a fucking difference. Learn it.

    • 63 percent of Americans are white; 12.3 percent are black. Your graphic states that 238 whites were shot, compared to 123 blacks. Five times as many white people, yet only twice as many are shot. Is that equality? Learn a little about statistics before believing misleading graphics.

      • I know about statistics sir. My point was police shootings are not exclusively a black people problem. Many cops seem to be trigger happy regardless of race. What would be equality to you? Here is another one for you as well. Even though blacks make up 12.3 percent of the population they account for more than half the murders. Most of the time against other blacks. Why is BLM not in the ghettos protesting against the senseless killings that happen everyday?

      • Actually you are ignorant on the matter. You don’t go by general population statistics. You go by the percentage of the people in those type of conflicts with cops. A very extensive study was just done by an African American Harvard professor who was upset about police shootings. The study found that police are 20% more likely to shoot a white person than they are a black person. Think about it. There are more women than men, but most shooting are against men. Are the police against men? No. Men are more likely to be criminals and find themselves in those situations with police more so than women. So there is equality. You do not go by the general population because the general population doesn’t represent all people in conflicts with police.

  1. I saw this on somebody’s profile picture that had commented on something that I commented on and I reported this picture on Facebook and I got a reply saying it did not violate any of Facebook’s inappropriate ruling I said oh s*** Facebook f****** sucks at what should be and what not should be allowed on Facebook. This should be in violation !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the writer needs to use spell check and how to properly use grammar other than that not a bad article as for the Ass Hat that posted the pic he should never suit up again in the NFL

  3. Mr. Isaiah Crowell, don’t worry. Oh please, don’t you worry your little ole head over this. You can always count on the SOFT BIGOTRY of LOW EXPECTATIONS that the left and the main stream media will annoint you with, which will allow you to carry on as if nothing ever happen. And your continued support of the racist group BLM will also be overlooked because hey, we already expect so little from you, what the hell. Besides, you’re black, so you don’t have to take responsibility for any of your actions. Surely, the only thing the NFL cares about is if you keep raking in the money.

    I bet you dolars to donuts Mr. Isaiah Crowell can name every single THUG shot by the police over the past 7 years of the Obama Presidency. I also bet Mr. Isaiah Crowell couldn’t care less what the names are of the 5 beautiful men who were gunned down, assasinated in the street while protecting their community. Yeah, Mr. Isaiah Crowell, I will do everything in my power to boycott you, boycott the Cleveland Browns, boycott the NFL, boycott every GD sponsor who sponsors anything and everything associated with YOU! I’m so sick of you and people of your violent, racist ilk.

    In the meantime, I would rather pay tribute to these men.

    3. MICHAEL KROL, 40
    4. LORNE AHRENS, 48
    5. MICHAEL SMITH, 55

    ALL LIVES MATTER – If you, Mr. Isaiah Crowell don’t understand that, you sir are morally CORRUPT to your very core.


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