Darnell Dockett’s Ridiculous New Face Mask

The Arizona Cardinals kicked off their second day of OTAs in style, Darnell Dockett showed off his new face-mask that makes the 6’4″, 290 pound lineman look more intimidating than he already is.

No word yet if the NFL will allow Dockett to wear this face-mask during games but judging by recent designs of face-mask, we aren’t far away from seeing these face-mask’s on the field on Sundays.

Dockett facemask

(H/T Arizona Cardinals)


  1. Well tinted visors are illegal (without medical need), and last season they put the kibosh on a lot of “unique” masks so i’m guessing no.

  2. I believe that’s the same mask he was preparing to wear last year before they denied him because of the design. Masks apparently can have no more than four horizontal and three vertical bars.
    It was part fashion statement and part necessity, though he didn’t have a medical need like Justin Tuck.


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