DeAndre Hopkins On Brian Hoyer: Get That Motherf*cker Out Of The Game”

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DeAndre Hopkins in the definition of stud. In only his second year and having a better season than most WRs will ever have in their careers, Hopkins is only second to Antonio Brown in catches this season and is up among the most in receiving yards.

Having one of the best receivers in the league means little though if the man in charge of throwing the ball to him is absolutely shitting the bed. Brian Hoyer that is. With Hoyer’s 3 picks and 1 fumble, the Texan’s QB has been handing out turnovers faster than a bakery before Thanksgiving.

Hopkinds, clearly frustrated let his coaches know his feelings, telling them to, “Get that motherf*cker out of the game.”



    • Not at all. He works his ass off. He is no diva. Plus, we don’t know what was said there. It’s a guess. And, even if he did say it – he said to the guy beside him. He kept it in house. And, he was right. Plus, he didn’t trash Hoyer to the media. He always says positive things about him. Does he mean it or is it because he doesn’t want to be a distraction? Who cares? Attempting to lip read him is silly and no one has followed up on this so clearly no one is taking it seriously.

    • Houston should be happy. If Hoyer had an okay game the Texans D might have allowed the Texans to win. And then likely lose badly the following week. But that one playoff win for Hoyer might have justified Hoyer returning for another sub par season. Hoyer’s stats were padded from garbage time when the opposing D is in prevent mode. Hoyer’s best performance was against the Colts after the game was out of reach. He got them close after near perfect play and then threw a horrible interception. Hoyer wilts in the big moments of the game. Now, given this horrendous performance, the Texans have to part ways with him. And, the pressure is on to get a real QB. Bob McNair will make that priority number one. Not taking Derek Carr at the top of the second round in 2014 was dumb. I knew it then and everyone knows it now. They could have had Clowney and Carr.

      • They’re the same guy. The Jets missed the playoffs because Fitz threw three picks late against the Bills. Not “way better.”

        • Fitzpatrick also had as many passing touchdowns this year than Hoyer his whole career.. I’d pick him over Hoyer any day of the week… He’s nothing more than a back-up.

  1. The funny thing is no matter what, and this goes to no one, Hoyer stunk up the freakin building! Race has absolutely Nothing to do with this….so thus proves your intelligence is zero and you are not a fan of the Texans or the NFL. You are a troll, a cancer, a scum-sucking rebel rouser that has no ability to keep your thoughts to yourself. To all the Texan/ NFL fans I agree with you and Hopkins, Hoyer sucked and the beast J.J. Going down really sucked. If Watt stayed in the game and Hoyer went out….different game. But lets take No one’s simplistic and elementary answer….its the black guy’s fault. NoOne is right…moooslim’s the problem, wait I think you mean Muslim….oh wait, WE HAVE A BAD SPELLER! Get a life NoOne.

  2. This isnt t a race thing. His performance was not worthy of him playing in the second half. If the broncos can put a bad peyton back in a 2nd half than so can the texans


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