The Most Disliked People In Sports


We all love sports. Some of us more than others, we are emotional attached to it. Weather it’s Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, well you get the point, people love sports.

But with emotional attachment and love comes hate and dislike. Many figures in sports have made decisions and said things that have made that love turn into hate. It made that respect turn into disrespect. Now these figures don’t have to be star athletes, they can be anything from a team owner to a journalist.

Here are some of the biggest disliked athletes in Sports.


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Credit for these images to Sports Illustrated

Which person in sports do you dislike the most? Let us know with a comment at the bottom!

  • woodsclan6

    FYI – Alex Rodriguez is not the shortstop for the Yankees. That would be Derek Jeter.

  • Alexander Kendall

    Lance wasn’t the only one who used PEDs. He was the one who got caught.

  • Tyrannosaurus_Rextraordinaire

    Wow. This might be the first time I ever read a “Most hated people in sports” article that didn’t include Jay Cutler. Personally I’m indifferent about him, which I guess means I like him more than most.

  • MrTGB

    Wheres Lebron James?

  • davidalinika29

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