Yes, There Are People Who Dislike Cam Newton Because He’s An African American

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 18: Quarterback Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on October 18, 2015 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 570176333 ORIG FILE ID: 493267298

There has never been so much debate over one player in the Super Bowl is…oh well, maybe Brady with the whole deflate-gate thing last year. But that was about football. This? This is pushing and opening arguments into the broad and most difficult to talk about realms of thought, culture, race, society, acceptance, difference.

Cam Newton comes into Super Bowl 50 as one of the most polarizing players to grace American sport’s biggest game. The quarterback is criticized by the masses for being “classless,” a “thug,” a “terrible role model,” (and the list goes on) simply for the fact that he may come off as arrogant and cocky to some, and dances in the end zone after scoring a touchdown, which we may add, happens quite often.

Did we mention how he makes sure a kid in the stands get a football to take home after every TD, his foundation, him taking the time out of warmups to chat with kids plagued with cancer? No, because frankly no one who has their mind made up about Cam cares about that.

Debate has escalated ever since winning the NFC Championship game on whether or not the hate towards Cam Newton is fueled by his to some, arrogant actions on the field, or my a much deeper issue, the color of his skin. Newton spoke to the media Thursday and was of course asked on the issue, saying,

“I think it’s a trick question,” he said, “because if I answer truthfully, it’s going to be, ‘Oh, he’s this, that…’ But I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t think people have seen what I am or what I’m trying to do, and I said that prior to me being in this situation. But when I said it then, ‘Oh, he’s immature, he’s young, he’s this, that, and the third.’ I felt a certain type of way then, I feel the same type of way now. The only thing that has changed is that we’re winning. I said since day one, I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

Though many may disagree in Newton essentially pulling the race card even though his words are partially factual, for those that say race isn’t a fact for some people, keyword being ‘some,’ your views are somewhat ignorant, which is excusable. That may change though after seeing the plethora of tweets sent out by Cam Newton haters and racists over the past recent day and months.

(Warning: The following contains NFSW language)


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      • That’s a really terrible retort. Doesn’t make any sense, but according to your poster history, that’s to be expected.

        I think you can do better. I believe in you.

        In the mean time, if it really bothers you that people pull for an athlete, maybe you should get some help. Or DIAF. Either way, doesn’t matter to me.

      • I wouldn’t sit there and listen to an opposing player talking so loudly I couldn’t hear the reporters, either. Maybe you should hear the whole story before you comment.

        • This isn’t the first time lil’ Cam has walked off…Little crybaby can’t handle the heat, don’t start a fire….boooohoooo

        • Watched the interview and read the complete story. Cam disrespected the game and poured like a 2 year old, there is no disputing that. I
          Hopefully he learned a lesson and will time it down some

  1. Those tweets are repulsive and show that most of the people who hate Newton are the biggest effing losers themselves. At least I hate certain players for a good reason (Hardy-woman beater, Vick-dog killer)! 😉

    • The tweets are repulsive, but to say that most people who hate Newton can be categorized with these people. I hate the way Newton acts. I hate that cocky attitude and the way he carries himself. I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a racist or a loser. Of the tens of millions of people on twitter who are NFL fans, this article showed a handful of disgusting tweets, and although I am sure you can find more, you would be hard pressed to find that most people who hate Newton do so because he is black.

      • Agree 100%..If we didn’t like him because he’s black, we wouldn’t like ANY team….Can’t stand him for his cockyness, which he displays here, as nobody has seen nothing like him…BS…I’m sure the rest of the team take it as him saying HE is the reason they’re in the SB…Same with his antics…After a TD, ok, but EVERY half decent play???…He may be(is?) good, only time will tell, but I may never like him…He does do good for people, but so did Al Capone…

        • he actually said it was a team effort that got them where they are, but by all means say he said it was just him that got them to the SB, it fits your made up narrative better.

        • Post game interview of the AFC Championship kind of debunks that. He emphasised WE as a TEAM got to this point when the reporter brought up his individual performance.

          • OK, yes, he said it was a team that won…BUT, by him saying that they haven’t seen anything like him(???…How about RGIII, or M Vick) leads others(teammates) to hear “If it wasn’t for me, we’d be losers”…He IS good…He’s young and got a lotta years ahead…I hope he does good, as I believe he helps outside of football..I do hear he has children and not married??…Maybe some cheating/stealing in college??…On that stuff, I don’t really know, just what I’ve read…Give him about 5 more years, then he can start the bragging…As far as his dancing and whatnot, after a TD, ok…I believe it borders on taunting anyway…I know it happens on all the teams though, but I, personally, would have my players knock off most of it, IF I was a coach…Exceptional plays and TDs, ok to an extent….Super Bowl is a different animal…

        • “If we didn’t like him because he’s black, we wouldn’t like ANY team….Can’t stand him for his cockyness, which he displays here, as nobody has seen nothing like him…BS”

          You’ve never seen a black QB act like him. It’s his attitude and the position he plays that rubs you the wrong way, so stop with the “we wouldn’t like any team” nonsense.

          • I have seen a white quarterback or two act like him….Aaron Rogers ring a bell? Discount double check along with all of those hip gyrations!

          • I’m talking about his defiant attitude,because It’s more than just celebrations. People want their athletes humble, especially when they are black. I don’t understand why people like you can’t comprehend the bigger picture/ nuance in Newton’s words and mine. It’s his size, position, skill set, attitude, his generation, his race. The conversation isn’t a simple as you think…no matter how many QBs you and others name.

          • Attitude and position????….YES, ATTITUDE…Thank you for recognizing “cockyness”…No, I do not like his attitude/cockyness….However, I DO think he is a good QB…Only time will tell if great, which is part of what he ALREADY projects..THAT, I don’t like…As far as Rogers, JJ Watt, etc, yes, I don’t like the taunting/excessive celebration, regardless of team…I would fine my own players if I was their coach…It sounds like he is a fine young man, but that doesn’t mean I have to like his on field antics, does it??…Ever hear of Mc Nabb??..Cunningham?? Williams??, Russell??…Maybe RGIII??…Kapernick??…Yes, I have seen him before and a bad leg injury can end his career next week…Go figure..Actually I have NO PROBLEM with a salute/dance/whatever, after a TD, as long as it doesn’t border on taunting/excessive celebration etc..But after EVERY DECENT play??…That is not cool, imo, and apparently a lot of others too..

          • “But after EVERY DECENT play??”

            Hahaha! Yes, when he started dabbing after first downs…even I was like “No, just stop”. He just points now.

          • That attitude you referred to was put in perspective after the post game presser wouldn’t you say??????? Excellent role model for all the kids

          • He didn’t curse, he didn’t blame anyone, he didn’t flip a table. He said “We got out played” and then he left. You people are so desperate to find reasons to bash him…that you don’t even wait until he does something belligerent/awful. You being a bitter guy looking to bring a 26 year old man down isn’t role model material.

        • I guess Denver figured out a way to show he’s not as super as he thinks he is. The nfl needs some rule changes to stop all the taunting and showboating, it’s gotten way out of hand I’m all sports

      • So you dislike him because he’s having fun and winning. Oh ok I understand now…smh..Usually when people say they dislike someone b/c they’re cocky means thee person making the claim is bitter. Face the facts. Cam is good..he has every right to be “cocky” which he is not. He is one of the best in the game now and he is bring fun back to the NFL..Get over yourself..

      • Fair enough and you’re probably right. The intent with posting all of these tweets was to inflame and anger and it certainly worked. It is just so disgraceful. And while you are entitled to your opinion I have to disagree. I think when he is celebrating and smiling about his success he is just generally happy. Most of the people I see who come off as arrogant always look so sour and serious. But to each his own, at least we can be civil about it!

      • do you have a problem with the other players who are arrogant? Who do touchdown dances or just Cam?
        When you say how he acts, are you referring to his charitable actions, him giving the ball away to a child after every touchdown, him taking his cleats off and signing them and then giving them to a wheelchair bound fan? What actions specifically are you referring to?

        • His acts, and many others actions on the field are ridiculous, celebrating a sack, celebrating making a hard hit 15 yardscdoen the field after the defense just gave up a first down, etc…hopefully the league will implement some strong penalties and get rid of all the taunting and showboating that is rudiculous

      • Hating him is what makes people think it’s racial. Why would anyone “hate” the guy? He was an accomplished guy that still got written off by everyone, and he beat them all…that’s an underdog. America likes that. Let him brag a bit.

    • you realize most of this started at florida when he was caught stealing and forced to leave the school right…..besides if half the country knew what dabbing really was they wouldnt let their kids do it lol but then again both vick and cam have made great strides in bettering themselves as people and some wont let it go

  2. Wow!!
    They just haten! Let’s see them do what cam do.
    I’ve been a auburn fan for years, and he was great
    Then and now, I have Faith in cam, you got to believe!!
    And I’m pretty sure he acts that way for all the haters,
    Bring it!

  3. If you don’t like it, then you can always pray that someone prevents him from getting first downs, or running and throwing touchdowns. Godspeed…

  4. This web page with a post that enrages people forgot to post who posted it. So who is the editor who just created a lot of hate with everyone. You sir need to be castrated so you cannot breed any more.

    • I think the people who made the statements created the hate? How ignorant are you? That like saying that the teacher who teaches kids that the KKK lynched people is teaching them hate. Or the newspaper that reports crime is creating criminals! Guess they didn’t teach logic in the middle school that you dropped out from?

  5. Y’all all mad ashit and racist. Y’all mad y’all teams at homee wit mine . #steelernation but I love cam y’all all mad ashit he fried yall teams . yea big bro go get that fucking ring nd the millions. #bitchdab. Man them racist ass comments make me mad ashit .Fuck y’all white ass ppl cam is a hero in Charlotte and he a good roll model. Everyone theses days dance in the end zone yal hate on cam cuz he a black quarterback getting f****** millions living way better than yall dumbasses

  6. If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you”. Neely Fuller Jr.

  7. I can not believe I am seeing this can Newton is a young man whom is at the prime of his career and all this that and the other is so sickening.why not just give him his props he is doing his job. Keep pounding Carolina anyone wants total negative well keep them thoughts to yourselves please one love

  8. I get sweet satisfaction knowing that when these white racists go out to eat, it most likely isn’t a white person preparing their food. The voice they talk to on the other end of the line for customer service has a different skin tone than them. When they end up dying it will be a person of color prepping their body to be put in that six foot hole. Why people allow their minds to get sick and twisted like this is a mystery. But knowing that the very people they hate are actually the ones who help them get on with their lives –coffee, clean toilets at work, trash removal, accounting, blood transfusion products– it makes me so happy and the joke of hating another human being is on them.


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