Eagles RB Wendell Smallwood Spent Christmas Paying Bills & Giving Gifts To Struggling Single Mothers

Philadelphia Eagles running back spent his holiday season trying to make a difference in the community.

The Eagles running back, who grew up near Wilmington, DE and was raised by a single mother spent his holiday season by helping out single moms by paying some of their bills, giving gifts so they can have a better Christmas with their families and in some cases, just providing a special moment:

Smallwood said when he was growing up, he knew his mom was going through tough times to make ends meet and eh didn’t want to be burden on her during the holiday season. Smallwood knew his mom wanted his and his two siblings Christmas special but financial struggles made it difficult.

“That was the most important thing for me, was not stretching my mom out. So why not me, to come out and help shoulder the burden of some gifts here and there to help out other moms.”  

Smallwood’s mother, Nichelle Barber was brought to tears and didn’t want anything else after seeing her son’s donations:

“It’s so emotional, I am crying tears of joy because it touches my heart to see my son be able to do something for another family that’s unfortunate,” Barber said. “Because I know what that’s like being a single mom, having to raise kids, go to school and have a job. It’s nice and always good to give back.”

Seeing what his mom went through as a single mother inspired Smallwood to hold his first annual “Smallwood’s Christmas Give-A-Way” this holiday season.

Shoutout to Smallwood for this amazing gesture.