Earl Thomas’ Explanation To Why He Told Cowboys To ‘Get Him’ Makes Him Look Worse

Following the Seattle’s 21-12 season-saving win in Dallas over the Cowboys on Sunday, Earl Thomas shockingly ran directly into the Cowboys locker room and told coach Jason Garrett, “if you have a chance to get me, come get me.”

When Thomas got back to his team’s locker room, reporters were waiting for him to explain exactly what he was thinking.

Here’s his explanation:

The explanation from Thomas makes him look worse and quiet frankly, makes no sense.

There’s a time and place for Thomas, the Texas-native, to discuss returning home and playing for his hometown Cowboys but right after a hard-fought win wasn’t it.

Why would Thomas want to create this kind of drama heading into the Seahawks final game of the season? Did he not see the line of reporters and cameras waiting outside the Cowboys locker room?

And above all else, Thomas openly created friction between himself and Bobby Wagner last week, claiming the linebacker shouldn’t have played last week vs Los Angeles Rams due to injury.


Every athlete dreams of playing in front of his hometown but Thomas’ actions were completely and utterly ridiculous and explanation after the game made him look even worse.