Epic Eagles Fan Goes On Another Hilarious Rant About The Eagles Signing Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed quarterback Tim Tebow and some Eagles fans are not taking it lightly. 

Although Tim Tebow is no lock to be on the 53-man roster when the season starts, it’s still hitting home as that one Eagles fan, EDP445 is back and this time he’s telling Tim Tebow to lay off the heroin.

If you plan on using that playoff win Tim Tebow has a reason why Tebow deserves the chances, EDP doesn’t want to hear it. 


  1. The LeSean McCoy rant was kinda funny. The rant after the Foles trade maybe kinda funny… but this act is getting tired. IMO

  2. No talent? Didn’t Tebow win a Heisman? And wasn’t he the first sophomore to do it? Fullback, quarterback, he definitely has more talent than fat Albert

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