ESPN’s Damien Woody Says Baker Mayfield Needs To Grow Up, Baker Responds

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns got sweet revenge on their former coach Hue Jackson, who quickly joined the Bengals coaching staff after being fired.

The Browns rolled to an easy victory thanks to a 28-point first half and a brilliant performance by rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield who completed 19-of-his-26 pass attempts for 258 yards and four touchdowns.

After the game, Mayfield was spotted denying his former HC a hug after game, keeping him an arm’s length away. During the post game press conference, Mayfield stated how he didn’t appreciate Hue defecting to a division rival so soon after being fired from his job.

This was a topic of discussion on Monday’s edition of First Take and Damien Woody was not a fan of Mayfield’s behavior or comments, telling the rookie quarterback to “Grow up.”


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“Baker Mayfield needs to grow up.” — @damienwoody

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Mayfield saw the comment and responded:

Never change, Baker.


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