Ex-NFL RB Has Quietly Given 145 Homes To Single-Parent Families


xepyfnfa1f9ticr5wxxzRemember Warrick Dunn? Anyone?

If you do, you remember for some stent where he was one of the more dominant running backs in the National Football League for the better part of a decade, but then did something far more important than any single thing he did on the field during his career after it ended; with little to nobody taking notice.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Atlanta Falcon started his very own charity, the Warrick Dunn Foundation, which to this date has bought 145 homes to single-parent families since 1997.

Dunn dedicates each home to the memory of his mother, who served as a police officer who was unfortunately killed in the line of duty in 1993 – and there’s every reason in the world for her to be proud looking down at him. Dunn says he gives away these homes with his mother in mind because it was her dream to own one of her own, a dream which she was never able to realize before she passed.

Dunn and his charity provide the new home owner with a down payment, along with a fully stocked pantry and fresh linens, televisions and computers. “They only have to bring their clothes,” said Dunn.

While players like Johnny Manziel and others alike blow their NFL contracts on hotel stays and lavish vacations (to which they have the utmost right to) Dunn and others, for example DeAngelo Williams, dedicate major portions of their free time to helping those in need, and those are the types of stories the media should be reporting on day in and day out, so here’s our share of that.

Much respect Warrick.
  • Eric Simmons

    Love this guys heart on and off the field

  • Shon Hyneman

    One of my favorite players who never got the publicity he deserved. Read his book about what happened to his mom. He played big on the field and off the field

  • Jane O

    Love him too! My son chose him for his famous person speech in 2nd grade. I was really proud that we thought slightly outside the box, and everyone that listened learned a little about him. Most probably didn’t know what a good and generous person he is.

  • Michael Deras

    Cat Fancy almost ended my career.

    • ScottA

      MINE TOO.

  • Brett Alan

    Johnny Manziel is hurting noone but himself. You calling him out in an article that praises Warrick Dunn does nothing and is unprofessional. We are human, we live and learn. It is likely Warrick would not be doing what he is doing now if he himself did not go through pain from the loss of his mother. Perhaps good will come of Johnny going through the repercussions of his wreckless behavior one day. Making comparisons of one human being to the other is a big problem of modern day society. My guess is that you as an author fall culprit to this as well just based on your writing.

    • Applied Ill

      Yeah, I thought that line was a little unnecessary. Then again, it’s the Daily *Snark*.

    • Floyd Wilson

      He isn’t calling out Manziel. He is calling out the media and people like you who defend and glorify drug addicts who are harming far more than themselves. Johnny Manziel is hurting the woman he brutally assaulted, his own family, and the teams he let down in his drug induced death spiral.

    • Three Days

      Manziel is a hot mess, for sure. I am from his hometown and know his family, and their quite lengthy history of crime. Not Johnny’s fault that his family has that history, of course. That being said, I don’t think that the article disses Manziel for being a dumb douche, but rather, it is more of a comment on how the press treats athletes with talent.
      Kudos to this guy for doing good things in his community!
      I mean, Ray Lewis can keep finding Jesus and get props every.single.time.
      Meanwhile, this kid is going about his days being a generous, compassionate person.
      I’m sorry for the loss of his mother. 🙁 I imagine that he would still be doing wonderful
      things if she were still here.

    • abbazabba

      Hurting noone but himself? I’m pretty sure his girlfriend that he beat up might think otherwise.

    • Larry Levine

      “Noone”? A new word? It’s “No one”, two words. Prat.

    • Stuart McHardy

      wreckless? Attempt and misfire at a clever pun, or just feckless? Manziel is a wreck, was apparently raised with affluenza, aided and abetted by the culture at aTm, and has wrecked most everything with which he gas been unfortunately come into association.

  • dragonmasta100

    Good Deeds are best kept between you and God.

  • Glen Kiltz

    I actually do remember him! He WAS good , but not great as a running back. Sounds like he is at least trying to be a great parson.

    • RT

      He’s 17th all-time in yards from scrimmage. I’d say he was a great back.

    • SalthePlumber

      “trying to be a good person”??? I’d say he is a bonafide hero. VIVA DUNN!!!

  • DaveHolden

    “While players like Johnny Manziel and others alike blow their NFL contracts on hotel stays and lavish vacations”

    Who wrote this? Are they suggesting Warrick HASN’T done these things? Does the author not understand what is and isn’t mutually exclusive?

  • HarshToke

    Yes, whoever wrote this article is definetly out of the loop. Mentioning Manziel and DeAngelo Williams are bad comparisons. He probably mentioned Manziel because he’s the problem child of the NFL at the moment and DeAngelo Williams because he paints his hair pink on Sundays to remember his mom who died of breast cancer.DeAngelo is no saint either by the way. He dogged out my NFL favorite team , the Jaguars, when they were trying to make a playoff run this year. He can suck it as far as i’m concerned

  • RexDart_EskimoSpy

    If there were more people like Warrick Dunn out there, the world would be a much better place.

  • SalthePlumber

    We hear so much about the Bad Actors in Pro Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. We also need to hear more stories about the Heroes. Like Warrick Dunn and the many others who quietly make a difference, using their positions of notoriety and wealth to make a positive change. The NFL should put Warrick Dunn and DeAngelo Williams front and center to show us the good side and the good people…

  • robert Burgess

    Bill Gates..please take notice and see what kinda work really needs to be done in America…Great job by this young man…GO WARRICK !!!

  • Rob

    There are many others like Warrick. You have the internet and can see for yourselves who the generous ones are in a couple of clicks. Now that he’s retired, I suspect Calvin Johnson will do the same as Warrick. He’s already on that path and is one of the good ones.

  • Love Warrick Done, a great class act. Glad he’s doing great things off the field to help others.