Giants Fan Gets A Trash Shower From Eagles Fans

The New York Giants were embarrassed by the Philadelphia Eagles last night during Sunday Night Football.  The Eagles shut out the Giants, 27-0, and adding insult to injury for the Giants, their pro-bowl wide receiver, Victor Cruz was lost for the season after tearing his Patella Tendon.

But one brave New York Giant fan, who was wearing an Eli Manning jersey in a hostile environment was even worse, when he was showered with trash from a bunch of Eagles fans.  The Giants  fan was trying to go back to his seat, before being annihilated by fans.  Surprisingly, the fan was okay with it, instead of defending himself, he took the abuse.

Fan violence has been a huge concern for NFL fans and Eagles fans never shy away from abusing fans of the opposing teams in their home stadium.  I mean after all, this is the same fan base who threw snow balls at Santa Clause, so I guess you can say this Giants fan was lucky he only got trash.  Right?


  1. Philadelphia wonders why they never win a championship it’s because their fans are trash and they don’t deserve one.

  2. There is a team begging to be moved!! Las Angeles Eagles has a nice ring to it. The fan base has proved over and over they don’t want a team there.

    • S nobody is moving the eagles idiot!!! That’s just your hurt ass pride talking because you got your ass beat!! Talk about no class at least we didn’t spit on some pitchers wife!!!!!!

  3. This is why I AM PROUD to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan. If you come to our stadium, be scared because you know very well that you shouldn’t be coming to our house. We love your hate because WE HATE you, you smug New Yorkers and Dallas ****tards are THE TRUE VILLIANS. We are just the football equivalent of Batman or The Punisher. We deal with you people talking **** and rubbing your superbowls in our faces and in OUR CHILDREN’S faces. Those pieces of trash aren’t from Philadelphians, they are from that kid who grew up an Eagles fan who has had the league playing favorites over whatever team has the uniform they prefer the colors of. Our team is an honest team that doesn’t cheat or kiss asses. When the Eagles win that Superbowl, it will be because we ****ing won it on our own accord. Let’s make it clear: YOU are the poor winners and you are the villians; you’re just getting what you give us in Eagles country.

  4. You never see the spineless morons do it
    to someone that might kick their teeth in though!!! I wear my Giant gear
    everytime they play there and only ever had 1 problem and I solved it
    rather quickly!!!


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