High School Superintendent Arrested For Pooping On Rival School’s Football Field On Daily Basis

No, this story doesn’t start with “Florida man…” but it sure sounds like it would.

42-year-old New Jersey superintendent (or should we say ‘pooperintendent’) of Kenilworth Public Schools, Thomas Tramaglini, was arrested Thursday for defecating on a nearby district’s high school’s track and football field.

After students and staff of nearby Holmdel High School began complaining about finding human feces on an daily basis, Holmdel began surveilling the area, which later revealed Tramaglini as the serial pooper.

The findings concluded that Tramaglini would make a three mile run to the neighboring school in order to poop on the campus, and escape back to his home under the cover of darkness before sunrise.

He has since been charged with charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public and been placed on administrative leave.