Idiotic Fan Claims The Panthers Cheated Through The Playoffs And Explains Why

No matter who and when the Patriots are playing, there’s talks of cheating, especially in the playoffs. Accusations, speculations, facts,. the list goes on, and now one fan is claiming it’s been done again. But the Patriots? Nope, not this time, the Carolina Panthers.

After their first-round bye, the Panthers crushed the Seahawks, which ended up being a tight final score due to a comeback, and then steamrolled the Cardinals, who many had to actually knock off the Panthers, even on the road.

This fan, Andrew Tilton thinks something was up during those two wins, posting a video to his Facebook page with the caption: “The #Panthers¬†obviously cheated their way to victory tonight,”¬†and well, his explanations are flat out ridiculous. Have a watch:


  1. By his logic, the Seahawks cheated in the Super Bowl two years ago. How else could the score have possibly gotten that high?

  2. Why are Seahawks fans so butthurt about their team? They are good this year but not the best. Maybe this guy just started watching football or he has short term memory problems, but the Panthers went to Seattle and beat them in week 6. Did they manipulate the field then too? Good thing he turned off the camera when he did, otherwise we all would have heard his mother calling down to the basement that dinner was ready.

  3. So there’s no possible way a team could score that many points? Do you watch football? Carson played like Jay Cutler and their Defense wasn’t even there most of the time. Seahawks fans are the biggest babies.

  4. So, Carolina had the advantage by letting the field getting muddy…the same field that THEY themselves played on against Seattle…because Carolina is just naturally great mud-playing team.

    So, it’s just not possible that a team could hang that many points that fast on Seattle, so Carolina had to have cheated. Has nothing to so with Seattle facing the #1 OFFENSE IN THE LEAGUE or anything like that…

    This guy is a toolbox. I cant’ even keep up with the stupidity.

    • While I agree with most of what you said, Carolina wasn’t the #1 offense in anything except total points, which is a misleading statistic due to the fact that a team’s defense can have a very large effect on it. But there’s no arguing that the Panther’s D is what sets up their offense which allows for all those points to be put up.

      • Total offensive points is how you determine offensive ranking. The effect that a defense has on points can be said about total yards of offense. How do you suggest we rewrite how the #1 offense is established?

      • #1 in scoring offense is without a doubt the only stat that matters. Last time I checked the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

    • While this guy is an idiot, you can actually have an advantage on a crappy home field, since you would be used to it, know what cleats to use, know what parts are softer and which are firmer, etc. Not making any points about any games, just pointing out a fact.

  5. As a Seahawks fan I have to say This guy is an idiot!!! Everybody played on the same field. And how can a team score 49 points? Scoring 7 TDs comes to mind. And he won’t bet anything, but says “something” will happen. Good grief. #ShutUp

  6. Wow…salty much?? They have a great defense-thats how they intercept the ball. But its nice to know the Panthers can control the weather!!!

  7. This dude is also talking about how many “clicks” he is getting and saying the he is banned from Century Link field for starting a petition to have Cam Newton banned from their stadium.
    Now that he is getting the blow back, he is saying that it all was just a social experiment to see what people would do.

    Seahawk fans should remember this guy’s HUGE face. If you are decent and honorable fans and people, then you will stay out of this dude’s orbit. He didn’t bring shame on the Carolina Panthers or their players, he brought it on the Seahawk’s fans.

    Lastly, I’m sure he really can’t fathom how a score could get that high. The idea of a man running at a pace quick enough to speed past a toddler, let alone a grown man, has to be other-worldly to this guy.

  8. Hey there 12th Man-child, the visiting team warms up on the field hours before game time, so the secret was out. I mean, it’s not like they commissioned architects to turn their whole stadium into a noise trap or something. Now that would be lame. Right?

  9. Believe me, all the Seahawks fans are up here in the NW laughing at this moron and crying a little that the rest of the country might actually associate him with the real fans.


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