Jeremy Hills Mic’d Up On Sideline After Costly Fumble Is Part Hilarious, Part Sad


After Vontaze Burfict picked off the Steelers late in the fourth quarter of last weekend’s wildcard game, with an emphasis on wild, the game was all but over. The Bengals went straight to the run to try and pick up and first down and run the clock out, when all the sudden, RB Jeremy Hill coughed up the football, giving the Steelers improbably life and eventually the game.

Inside the NFL released the audio and accompanying video of Hill on the sideline immediately after he fumbled. His reaction is needless to say, part funny, part sad.


  1. I would say his reaction is all sad. Dude played his heart out. Didn’t play dirty. Honest mistake, and very costly mistake. But it’s sad.

    Burfict’s and Jones’s penalties were hilarious. Serves them right. Play dirty, lose dirty bro.

  2. It funny cuz he a colored and watching they’re pain is funny. Only thing would of make it better would been a firemen’s hose spraying water at him like the boy he is. #Trump2016


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