Jets Fan’s Shirt Is Too Perfect With Sign At Jets Camp

Yes we all know Vick did his time. But, that does not exclude him from the jokes. This Jets fan wore his “Hide your Pets, Vick’s on the Jets” to Jets training camp Monday, and found a ironic sign to match.

                                                              (Click on image to enlarge)
Well played Jets fans, well played.
(Submitted by Tommy Crippen via Reddit user jillinginthenameof)



  1. Vick isn’t worth the nuggets in a dog turd. have fun with all the INT’s Jets fans! he’s nothing but a dog murdering p.o.s. that I’m sure doesn’t care about what he did to this day. he just ‘apologized’ to get all that NFL money back. he’s as selfish as they come, just watch him play.

  2. How do you figure he is selfish? Funny not a singe player or coach has ever said that about him. Get off his dick already. Jealous much


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