Joey Bosa Releases Statement Ripping Chargers After Deal Falls Through

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Joey Bosa and his relations with the team who drafted his with the 3rd overall pick just a few months ago just grew even more sour.

After the Chargers offered their “best” deal Wednesday, one that would have allegedly made the 22-year-old the 2nd highest paid rookie in his first year, Bosa and his camp turned down the offer.

The Chargers soon after released a statement regarding the matter that was rebutted shortly after with a feisty one written by Bosa and his representatives.

[Editor’s note: CAA, the firm that represents Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, issued a statement on Wednesday night in response to a statement issued and comments made by the team on Wednesday.]

It is unfortunate the San Diego Chargers have decided to manipulate facts and negotiate in the media.  The team surely is not strengthening its relationship with Joey Bosa by taking this stance and making their position public.

We have decided that we will not engage in public negotiations or discuss numbers and/or terms in this negotiation.

We will say, that it is ironic that the team now takes issue with the timing of Joey’s arrival, since the Chargers unilaterally decided to remain silent for the first 14 days of training camp instead of replying in a timely fashion to the proposal we made on the eve of training camp on July 28th.

At this point, all we can do is continue to fight for a fair contract on behalf of our client, as we do for all of our clients.  The Chargers can focus on trying to sway public opinion, but our focus will remain on our client and securing a contract for him that is fair and consistent with his draft position.

Moral of the story, it doesn’t look like Bosa will be seeing the field anytime in the near future, possibly with the defensive lineman sitting out the entire season to enter next year’s NFL draft, forcing the Chargers to lose the pick spent on him.


  1. Drafted 3rd overall means you should be paid MORE than highest ever paid rookie, ever? They’re offering him the 2nd highest paid salary of any rookie… Bosa… You’re a greedy moron.

    • Except they’re expecting him to sign clauses that no other pick drafted as high as him hss signed. You’re really going to call Bosa greedy when the owner of the chargers dipped out for LA the first chance he got?

      • Actually, they’re asking him to sign clauses that Carson Wentz… the guy drafted immediately BEFORE Bosa… has included in his contract. He’d be paid more than the number one overall pick this year with an overall contract similar in structure to the number two overall pick… as the number three pick… that’s a fair deal.

        Fuck this kid, let him try again next year and cry about the millions he lost getting greedy. Chargers should’ve drafted Stanley anyway.

        • Lol, it’s all so easy for you guys to say eff Bosa. It’s not his fault he wants a fair contract that protects him if he gets hurt or has an issue affecting his performance so that he can’t be cut and the Charger’s free of any financial obligation. The Chargers FO are assholes, exploiting the fact that most players will accept any contract details just to play in the NFL. Be mad at Wentz and every other rookie taking a shit deal just because. The average NFL career is way too short to gamble your salary on your health.

          • You’re so caught up in the dollar amount. Yes, its a lot of money to you and me. Economies of scale apply here and you can’t just give up all bargaining power because its a lot of money.

          • That’s not the issue though. The Chargers want deferment of part of it until 2017 and offset language. No #3 overall pick has ever had offset language in a rookie deal. I could see Bosa sitting out the entire season. Keep in mind that this is one of the few things on which there are negotiations, as each draft pick has a salary slot.

          • Damn you’re stupid… he’s protected against injury and the Chargers are only freed of financial obligation if he signs with another team. Literally nothing you just said is in any way relevant to the stalemate that’s happening.

          • Bosa doesn’t want offset language because he’s worried he will be a bust like his daddy and uncle. So when the Chargers realize it and trade him off or just cut him he still gets paid or gets paid by two teams. This ain’t fucking JJ Watt were talking about. Hasn’t played a single down in the nfl. Only wentz was getting paid more. 85% of 17 million now and the rest beginning of next year. Fuck Bosa!!!

          • What a fool.

            Why do you want health insurance are you worried you’ll get sick and die like I’d imagine your ancestors did somewhere down the line.

            Career-ending injuries aren’t busts.

            “I went to McDonalds, ordered a combo, and there were no fries. The employee said that I should be happy with my cheeseburgers and drink. I’ve already paid, that won’t change, but whether I get fries is up in the air. Keep in mind that everyone before me got fries…”

            You are on the side of the employee denying me the fries that are already paid for.

          • I’d imagine because he played FCS and only like 20 starts. Wentz’ deal is extremely risky compared to ‘normal’ first rounders.

    • You bought the Chargers’ claim lock, stock, and barrel. The Chargers have only picked this high once before in a year starting with 2 (Eli Manning). They are making a demand for both offset AND deferral…which has never been done for a #3 pick in NFL history. The amount of the signing bonus had been agreed to…the issue was payment schedule and offset language. Bosa’a agent wanted the Chargers to relent on one of the two points, but they refused.

      • … and that folks is how Kevin was lead by the media into completely ignoring the actual issue and instead they preyed on his ignorance. Shame on the Chargers for pulling this crap on this kid who probably only wanted to play ball he is not sitting at home twiddling his thumbs trying to hate a elaborate scheme to take advantage of the team. This is such a classic case of misdirection by the Media Kevin is taking in (possibly Charger TV by the sound of it.) to push thier agenda which seems to be that Bosa is some scumbag greedy punk when in reality it is SD being petty and cheap.

        • Giving him a large contact based on his draft position… with more guaranteed money than all but one player in the first year… that’s not petty or cheap. Being offered all that and demanding more is being a greedy scumbag though. Maybe you should get some facts before running your mouth.

          • Looks like you need to brush up on the facts. Bosa is not asking for more money he is asking for salary protection that every top 3 pick got since the new cba. Chargers are the ones trying to both have deferred payment of the bonus AND stipulate language that can release him with no money owed. Having both of those items in the contract is the ISSUE you genius so looks like you need to do a bit more research before yiu respond to someone who clearly knows more about the situation than you. That is why SD is bein gn petty and cheap they want to draft a top 3 player yet offer him a contract like no other top 3 player gets from any other team and on top of that SD has had issues with top picks and contracts so this is already a weak spot in the organization’s skill set and try have a history of pulling funny crap on top oicks… get it now or do need to take out some crayons and draw you a picture … ha ha take your own advice and shut your ignorant mouth before you know ALL the facts not just the biased ones SD would have you keep choking on . Moron.

          • Oh Abel, you silly silly jackass… no, he’s not asking for any protection. Protection is already hammered out thanks to the new CBA. Bosa is asking for more money to be paid this year… while already being offered more money this year than any other draft pick except Wentz. He’s also asking to have no offset language included which allows the Chargers to avoid paying him in the event he is released AND signs with another team. It only applies if he is getting paid by another team… if they release him and he doesn’t sign elsewhere, they’d still owe him. This is common in the last few years of contacts and even established stars such as Rivers or even JJ Watt have this language in the final years of their contracts to prevent players from double dipping and creating cap issues for teams while playing elsewhere. BOTH of these stipulations are included in the contract of the player drafted BEFORE him at #2 overall. What happened last year or five years ago doesn’t matter… contracts are tied to the players drafted around them the year they’re drafted, not historical examples. He wants all his money now and no offset, he’s being greedy and ignorant…

            So… you can get out your crayons and keep making yourself look stupid, or you can get your head out of your ass and start dealing with reality.

          • Nope. Offset language is salary anti-protection and it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the CBA. It’s a way teams post-CBA have chosen to mitigate risk. The Chargers do it with everyone. All others drafting high don’t try it with top picks, because they want to avoid this exact scenario.

          • Incorrect Andy… offset language only comes into play if a player is released AND signs a new contact with another team. If the player remains unsigned, his salary remains guaranteed. It only protects teams from paying a player to play for other teams, potentially against them. It’s very commonplace and virtually every large contact contains offset language in the tail end of the deal to protect the team. The Chargers are far from alone in using it. In fact, the player picked immediately BEFORE Bosa at second overall has both offset language and the bonus deferral language included in his contact that the Chargers have included in the Bosa deal… so much for your whole other teams “don’t try it with top picks” claim.

          • No, you are wrong. Are you familiar with economics? When you say “protects teams from paying…” that is the same as “prevents him from being paid…” A contract with offsets is worth less than one without. Since 2011, there have been no players selected 3rd or better that have both items (offset and deferred bonus). That is all he wants. Pick one.

          • Still wrong Andy…

            First, Carson Wentz has both in his contact… he was drafted 2nd overall. That’s one pick better than Bosa in THIS draft.

            Second, offset language doesn’t prevent him from being paid. He’s being offered $26 million for four years… so $6.5 million per year. Per the CBA, that’s guaranteed. Offset language doesn’t change that. What it does is prevents him from double dipping… so if he gets cut by the Chargers after three years and no one signs him he still gets his whole $6.5 million salary. If he gets cut by the Chargers and signs with another team for $3 million, the Chargers still have to pay the remaining $3.5 million to being that up to his guaranteed $6.5 million. It ONLY frees the Chargers from paying him if he signs with another team for an equal or greater salary than what was guaranteed in his rookie deal.

            Furthermore, it’s idiotic for a young player with any intention of being a success to squabble over offset language. Unless he’s a monumental bust, there’s virtually no chance of Bosa being cut in the next four year’s and rookie salaries are guaranteed against injury so… he’s basically fighting for the right to be a complete bust, bad enough to get cut in four years. Nothing about his stand is principled or righteous in any way, it’s pure greed and stupidity. Sure, the Chargers are being hard asses about holding their ground but Bosa is an idiot who’s hurting himself more than anyone else. Whomever is advising him is doing an awful job.

          • He probably works for the Agency that is screwing this kid out of millions and his future. The PR firm is doing damage control. It’s obvious the firm screwed him over. I made mistakes when I was Bosa’s age, but this kid makes me feel good about mine. LOL. What a moron.

  2. A smart team would try to arrange a sign and trade for him. Based on the Chargers last statement, where they said they were going to offer him less now since he won’t be able to contribute 16 games, this doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. The Chargers should at least try and recoup some value on the draft pick. I’d trade a second rounder for him.

    • Unsigned picks can’t be traded under CBA. He can wait and get drafted next year and start getting paid in June. If he accepts Chargers deal he’ll get his full bonus in March before June but not all in 2016 like his camp is demanding.

    • Money actually is not the issue. If you have ever heard of the term offset language…that is the issue. Bosa’s agent wants it out of the contract, or for all of the bonus money to be given upfront now, and the Chargers oppose that, and that has resulted in this impasse. (No #3 overall pick has ever had offset language inserted into his contract.)

      • First you say “Money actually is NOT the issue”, then you talk about the offset bonus MONEY?????? Its ALL about the MONEY. I totally misunderstood then entire argument, I thought its was about MONEY, when its actually about MONEY.

        • The money to be given is set by the rookie wage scale. The issue is offset language and how much gets paid now and how much gets paid later. Bosa’s agent only wants one or the other, but the Chargers want both, using Carson Wentz as an example.

        • So what? who cares if it’s about the money.

          He’s the one risking significant injury, brain trauma, etc.etc.

          He deserves all the money he wants, really.

        • It’s likely something like this:
          Bosa: Take out offset
          Team: All our players have offsets
          Bosa: OK, if you ‘need’ the offset from me, just drop the deferred payments.
          Team: No. 14 days pass up to last night.

    • How the fuck is he entitled? He played his ass off in college (for free), got drafted number 3 overall and now wants the pay that a number 3 overall pick deserves to get. Give him the max for a number 3 overall pick determined by the CBA. Case closed.

      • Last time I checked a full scholarship wasn’t “free”, and they are paying him like a 2nd overall pick but Joey BUSTa wants all his signing bonus in one payment, something that is stupid for someone who hasn’t played a single down in professional football… so yeah, he is a douchebag.

        • I have no skin in the Bosa game, but he did play for free in college. Ohio State makes money on their football program, that scholarship didn’t cost them anything.

          • Yeah, but every other professional football player goes through the same. That is not an excuse for being a whining greedy bitch.

          • See, that’s the thing. No one drafted at his spot since the CBA has both offset and deferred payments. Technically you are right, he does want to go through the same thing the other players go though.

          • No, he wants to be a diva. But guess what? There is no room for divas in the NFL, so good luck playing in Canada or arena football because nobody is going to draft him next year with that shitty attitude. And if there is a team stupid enough to do it, it is going to be late round pick. Anyway he is screwed for being a greedy bastard.

          • Wrong… the player drafted ahead of him, Carson Wentz, as well as other players drafted both this year and in previous years, have both offset language and deferred payout.

  3. I feel bad for the kid. He worked 15 years to get here, and now he’s got people telling him what to do. Too bad he never grew balls in those 15 years, too bad the agent doesn’t work for him, and his dad can’t advise…If Joey Bosa was a man he’d say, “Agent, I appreciate your input but I’m happy with this offer I want to play football.” and Dad, “Dad, this is my decision and I appreciate all you’ve done for me but this is my career, not yours.” He seems like a high school kid, not quite a man yet. One day he’ll step up and make his own deals and then, he will be a man, and he will be great. Right now it’s Daddy, Mommy, and his Agent … all screwing the kid over.

    • LOL he and his family agree wholeheartedly with his agents, who are looking out for his long term salary. Because NFL front offices are fairy lands full of lovely, honest people looking out for NFL players and their ~2 year careers?

      • I dont think so. Those “concerns” don’t sound like football player concerns. The kid … any kid would take $42 million to play football. Only parents and agents are thinking about accounting and how they can try to get an extra $500,000 or an extra blah blah. He’s an accountant, or a football player. Like I said, poor kid. Those bastards should let him play…and buy his toys.

        • You seem to be the kind of person that thinks NFL players deserve CTE because they chose to play a sport that has a high risk of concussions. Your pity is wasted.

          • $42 million for 16 football games. CTE risk is that handoff. If he prefers I’m sure he could sell Toyotas and make $100k/year and no risk of concussions. Maybe he can operate a Bobcat for $150k year

        • except he may not get a penny of that 42 million. All he is trying to do is make sure protections are in place for injury possibilities.

          • No – even if he was injured he would have had $14mil signing bonus. He was trying to get some technical contractual change that would allow him to guarantee all $42million if he sucks and gets released. If that doesn’t sound like it’s coming from Dad I dont know what does. Kid’s Dad is ruining him . The irony is his Dad made him so … it’s a wash.

  4. What a jerk. While people struggle to put food on the table a 22 year old punk wants millions. What a ass. Let him sit out.

    • You show an astounding lack of understanding of how contract negotiations work. So its ok if your boss comes in tomorrow and says – everyone else in the office agreed to work a 60 hour week with no overtime or sick pay, so you have to as well. You’re essentially saying you would accept that just to have a job.

      • Screw him. He’s not working a 9 to 5, he’s playing a game. A game of which he’s being offered millions of dollars to play despite the fact that he hasn’t even proven that he can play at that level. Most rookies don’t even get a contract. He needs to shut up and take the damn money that he hasn’t even shown he deserves.

        The Chargers, more than any other team, deserve to be wary of paying too much for a first round pick.

      • No, it’s more like your future boss saying, every employee here works one Saturday a month and you saying you refuse unless you get your full bonus this calendar year and him saying, every other employee at this firm works one Saturday and we will make you the 2nd highest paid new employee in the field but you have to work one Saturday and have 15% of your bonus differed until March and you saying no and not budging and refusing to sign the contract threatening to hold out to work somewhere else next June for less than they’re offering because you’re offended they won’t meet your demands.

        • no its very different. its the equivalent of saying it is industry standard to have both workers comp and unemployment insurance. There might be a rare case where someone doesnt have one or the other but we will hire you only if you refuse both workers comp and unemployment insurance.

  5. Haven’t even stepped foot on the field yet. 2nd highest paid rookie and he was the 3rd pick. Prove your worth on an NFL field before trying to be fucking greedy. Hate when people try to get huge paydays before you even play at the pro level. Remember where you come from, be humble, take the damn offer and prove you are worth more and it will come. Example, Von Miller. You can learn a thing or 2 from him.

    • As a fellow Niner fan – you’re making us look bad. Not negotiating for more money, he just wants protection for his full salary if the Chargers cut him at any point

        • It isn’t part of the business. Most players in the league have contracts which protect their salary even if they are cut.

          • For San Diego, it is though. For four out of five years in the 2000s (from 2001 to 2005), their first round pick has held out. This is how Dean Spanos does business, unlike the other 31 NFL teams. While the Chargers have deferred part of the first-rounder’s bonus money to the following year, this is the first time since 1998 that the team has had to sign a Top 3 overall pick (the previous high was Philip Rivers), and #3 OA has never had both offset language and deferred money.

          • We are on the same side of the issue, I think you misinterpreted my first comment. San Diego’s FO has operated like bullies for too long.

          • Your right about the Spanos but wrong in most of your post. New CBA has been since 2011, quits saying ever. You can also claim the last two 3rd picks didn’t having clauses but higher picks have and last year’s #3 was Jags? Jags require no clauses for draft picks; Chargers have for every pick before and don’t want to change. I agree they should of budge and made their selection happy. Bad moves by both sides. Bosa should fire his agent and agree but won’t.

          • It’s really limited gains to sabotage your franchise every year. But, if the owner doesn’t care about winning and only about profit margin, then it makes perfect sense.

    • Bosa would have signed long ago if the Chargers hadn’t made unprecedented demands for a #3 overall pick. The organization is solely to blame, because no NFL team has ever released a first-round draft pick after one season.

  6. The issue is offset language…which basically protects a team if they release a player before a rookie contract expires. Some lower draft picks have had it inserted in their contracts, but it has never happened for a #3 pick, although #2 overall pick Carson Wentz signed a contract with offset language. In short—Bosa is willing to defer the signing bonus until next year if the offset is dropped, or he wants the bonus upfront now if the Chargers keep the offset. The Chargers want the offset and the deferment both….and the stalemate has resulted from that almost fully.

    • True. As a Chargers’ fan, this “offset language” is a bit weird for me. Still, if San Diego caves in, other agents will think: “If we holdout long enough, we eventually get what we want.”

      So in other words, this isn’t really going anywhere. The Chargers’ want to have a safe investment in Bosa. I don’t know how much money they lost on Leaf back in the day, but in the end, they are a bussiness organisation. It is not good when a bussiness loses money. Which I totally get.

      So in my biased oppinion, Bosa’s agent is the real douchebag in this story.

      • Or the 19m plus the Chargers are guaranteeing. The isssue is if he get hurts and they cut and he signs with another team, he wants to get paid by the new team and his full rookie contract or all his bonus before the year is up. Chargers put language in every contract and refuse to give all the money up front.

        • Think of this: identical contracts one with offset and one without.

          Which is more valuable? No offset

          Which was the one approved post-CBA? No offset

          The contract should not have offsets. It was added after the Rookie Wage Scale was approved in the CBA. It’s not about the opportunity cost really, it’s that the value was reduced with nothing given in return.

      • He got a free college degree and a 17 million signing bonus. He doens’t have to play anything and he’s set for life. But … GREED KILLS. Now he has to learn to operate heavy equipment and maybe substance counseling. Mom and Dad will be substance abusers after screwing their kid up like this.

    • That sort of statement empowers the oppressor.

      He’s not fortunate to be there. He was fortunate to have a certain amount of athletic ability. He’s worked like a maniac since he was probably 12 years old to get here.

      It wasn’t gifted to him. He earned it.

      As for wishing you were there, well duh, being plopped into a desirable situation without working for it or earning it is something anyone would want.

  7. I won’t comment on the negotiations because I’m not privy to the details. Each side will release bits that make their case, but that’s all meant to sway opinions.

    What I can say is that they are guys who want to play, and guys who want a payday. Bosa is fighting over a contract when he should be on the field. It really does make you wonder if this is going to be an issue every time a contract comes due, or even if there will be cries of renegotiation in the future.

  8. From my understanding, offset language is basically double dipping for the player. Why should they get paid twice to play a season? Once by the drafting team for the guaranteed contract and again by the new team. It seems to me that a player so worried about offset language is expecting to fail or be a bust. Once the 5th year option is picked up in year 3 the salary is guaranteed. If you expect to dominate then you don’t care about offset language.

    • Exactly. His Dad was a bust, and he’s afraid his son is just like him. He should fire his Dad and be the beast his Dad developed him to be. It’s really sad for this kid. His camp should all be fired.

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