Johnny Manziel Gives Finger To Redskins Bench

Well, here we go again. Prepare for the 30 for 30 special, “Manziel and the Finger” coming to SportsCenter near your. Theres no doubt this will be all over the sports media news world. Nobody can be sure but Manziel what the Washington Redskins players said to Manziel or towards his direction but it sure prompted a pretty immature reaction. I’m not expert, but if you get fined 33k for dunking on a goal post, I smell a fine coming Jonny Boy’s way…



  1. Manzel was probly sore that he was getting his ass handed to him at the time. Just another sore loser entering the NFL. But I do believe I as well smell a fine and or possible suspension for that act. But then again seems like the nfl is up Manzels ass like everybody else in the nfl zone…

    • As a Ravens fan, the fact that you have reason to say that disgusts me to the core. It really throws the NFL’s credibility out the window when a player, like Ray Rice, gets so little when he deserved so much more. Manziel is a punk who needs to be fined but the NFL has no leg to stand on after Rice.


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