Kaepernick: I Won’t Show Pride For Flag Of Country That “Oppresses Black People” & Encourages White Supremacy

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49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand during the National Anthem of the third preseason game Friday night has set an opinionated firestorm to social media.

Saturday morning, Kaepernick explained to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche why he didn’t stand up for the anthem, stating:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color, to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

The 49ers soon after issues a statement of their own:

“The national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”

Kaepernick is the latest of star athletes amount the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and several WNBA players, to take a stand that crosses over into their sport against racial issues in the United States.

Though the QB exercises his right to take the liberty not to stand, he noted that he is aware of what he is doing and the possible repercussions, saying, “This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” he said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. … If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

Kapernicks’ Twitter account is filled with racially focused tweets and retweets, a pattern that has culminated to the move he finally decided to make Friday night. He added that it was one that had been on his mind for some time now, although he did not inform anyone in the organization on what he would be doing.

Kaepernick is currently fighting for a starting job with the 49ers, though  head coach Chip Kelly has gone on record saying that there has never been any discussion about cutting Kaepernick due to his non-football related stances.


  1. Here’s hoping for Colin’s medical retirement this season after a high-impact meeting with a fellow Patriot player.

  2. Not unusual,………the same rights to wave that flag, are the same rights to burn that flag,………..I personally don’t pledge cause that’s some cult shit, and the red stripes are represents my Peoples blood spilt to protect this very Land,…………

  3. Screw him. He is making good old American hard cash playing a game for a living, right? How about he take 75% of his wages and contribute it to his local community for projects benefiting the poor. Dumbass.

        • Yet, they are impacting legislation nationally and changing practices and policies within the criminal justice system and beyond. Not bad for a “shit movement “

          • Really, idiot? Tell me, what “legislation” and “practices” have these thugs been successful with? Morons like you should just stay off blogs, but…..you’re too damn stupid to realize this.

          • I’m not going to call you an “idiot”or “stupid”as I’m just not that angry and I can manage my emotions. Also, things are well in my life so I don’t need to strike out publicly at total strangers. You sound crazy. If you are not aware of legislative and other developments related to BLM then you need to get informed. Because you don’t know what is going on does not mean things are not happening. It simply means that you are ignorant about them. As far as my being on the blogs, I will decide when and where I participate, not you.

    • You people stay permanently “butt hurt”, lol. You’ve invented more “phobias” and “isms” than a dog has fleas.

    • No my feelings weren’t hurt I expected nothing but stupid from him just another cry baby blaming on everyone else bitch . They kill each other by the hundreds every day yet protest on shift like that . All sit like that will do is someday cause a civil war . And believe me the black man will not win if he thinks he is oppressed now . Wait a few weeks when the war is over

    • Are you saying that Democrats aren’t offended by this POS and his actions to draw attention to himself? Supporting the country you live in isn’t a Democrat or Republican ideal, idiot. You either DO or you DON’T. And clearly, you don’t. Pathetic.

  4. Dear Colin Kaepernick,

    If you weren’t aware, the country that “oppresses people of color” is also the same country which provided you every single luxury and opportunity you have in your life. You’ve made over $100 million dollars thus far and yet you feel oppressed. Wait, did you know that 90% of black homicides are committed by other black people? Are you taking a seat against black people? Or are you just picking and choosing? C’mon Colin…you also have to know that as of July of this year there have been a total of 509 citizens killed by police and of those 509, 238 were white males compared to 123 black…the others don’t matter because they’re not black right? Colin, do you even know what oppressed means? I recognize it is your right to express your thoughts as a United States citizen, but shouldn’t you be a little educated before you take a stand against a country that provides EVERY person an opportunity to succeed? Maybe you should spend some time doing community outreach in neighborhoods of black poverty instead of posting your abs on social media daily. Maybe you should stand up for a country that allows you to sit during its National Anthem. Maybe, just maybe you could make a difference in the black lives that matter so much to you if you only did it in the right way.

    Colin, did you know that you had WHITE fans too? #ColinKaepernick #49ers #NationalAnthem #UnitedStates #Merica #CutColin

    • You mean the same country that said we will give you money to mess each other up? Because he has a very special skill?? You people are ignorant!

    • He knows that God’s people is waking up and turning back to the god of the Bible. Our Kingdom is coming and we are already rich. We are the Israelites of the Bible and the end of this Kingdom is just about up for Esau .

    • Did you know that blacks are 7 times less of the population of whites, yet whites are only killed 2 times in total numbers? Blacks are killed at a higher rate. That is the issue.

      So because some minorities have made it big, it’s okay to ignore the mistreatment of other minorities? That is like the common argument of “I’m not racist, I have a black friend”. The country systematically mistreats minorities more than whites.

      Is it in every instance? Of course not. But It happens more times you than some people like yourselves are willing to believe.

      You can support the troops without supporting a nation that was built on a mix of slave labor and white is right mentality.

      You know white on white murders were 80%? People tend to kill the color of people that are around them, and most places are separated into white and black neighborhoods.

      Where are the whites talking about “we need to stop killing each other”? There have been BLM and other protests and protesters that have said “we need to stop killing each other”. It’s not an issue we ignored.

      but blacks don’t kill other based on racial bias or unjustly.

      Just because the movement currently put the racial bias as the forefront, doesn’t mean we or they ignore the gangs killing each other everyday over nothing.

      Shouldn’t YOU be a little more educated? It does provide a chance for most people to succeed, however, it has been proven and clear that minorities receive less than fair opportunity.

      From the Land lord that says his homes are unavailable when minorities ask, to people with black sounding names being skipped over for jobs, to minorities getting skipped over with equal of better grades for college.

      You can continue to ignore the issues, but the point of the movement is to bring awareness. And apparently some people STILL can’t see the writing on the wall.

      There were successful blacks during the slave days too, DOESN’T mean that slavery was okay…

  5. If people have the right to be gay. Then it’s right for someone not stand for a flag which is a material thing that white people loves to worship too.

  6. White Liberal Race Baiters Elitist created this mess for their own purposes. Now reality is starting to set in as these wealthy elitist entitled athletes contribute to the down fall of America.

  7. The owner of the team and the NFL needs to feel the love of those who do honor our nation and stop going and watching football! See how long this kind of B.S. “stand” against this great nation lasts in the NFL and all sports which support these anti-American ungrateful idiots!

  8. People pimp themselves to ‘the man’ every day at a tiny fraction of what you get. They do it because they must, you do it because you’re a big whore.

  9. considering that more black people are killed by black people is he going to refuse to play football with black people on his team?

  10. I was born and raised in SoCal, a lifelong Niners fan until your quarterback sat out the National Anthem. Yes, he has freedom of expression and freedom to choose how he represents himself but not when it insults the men and women who’ve served the flag giving him this freedom. He was wearing your franchises uniform, therefore a representative of your team. I’ve thrown away everything I have with a 49ers logo on stand will never, ever, cheer that franchise on again. Kap, you disgust me. This country hasn’t oppressed you, you’re wealthy, you’re famous and you’re nothing more than a child acting like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum and acting the fool. I hope your NFL career is over and you have to get a real job like the rest of us.

    • Seems silly to throw away the whole team because one person took a stand. I guess you are a fair whether fan and your withdrawal of support is of little consequence. Bye.

        • Read next time. Nothing that I said neither implied nor made that statement. Frankly, I can care less than a damn about a game.

          • No, what you SEEM to care about is throwing support behind a numbnut with too much money and not enough sense to honor his country. Rather pitiful.

          • I never stated support nor non support, because my focus was on someone who said that he was a true fan of the team for years, who threw his team away because of the beliefs of one athlete out of several on the team during one season. I live in New Orleans and could not imagine abandoning the Saints that easily. It caught my attention. That was it. Please don’t try to read things into my statement that I did not say, nor intend. I don’t like all of the arguing that I see going on in my country and will not be fighting online with anyone, despite my person views. I don’t feel that it would contribute anything to a space where people are already angry and going after each other. I assume you are one of these people who feels that everyone should be angry and choose sides for the fight. I choose prayer for all of us. My country and it’s people are in deep pain.

          • I’m from Pennsylvania I believe Eagle green I also used to be a huge Penn State fan but with the way they handled all that I could just not support them after all the corruption from the coaching staff up it just put winnings over morals and let children get raped so we can win football games MP3 the Niners are saying that they’re ok with cap doing what he’s doing and that’s not right

          • But I didn’t read that you took exception to his actions either, which seems like you’re ok with it.

          • Tony. I understand what you are saying. I frankly hadn’t even heard of the guy, nor the controversy before reading this article. Was reading the comments to see what people were talking about. I guess I didn’t have an opinion because I was still trying to learn the issue and who the players are.

        • wtf? how does sitting out a song not support his country? hes supporting the ideals the country was based on by refusing to honor the warmongering flag and govt.

      • Will their organisation stood behind him so that says a lot about the organization it’s nice to see that you put your football team ahead of your country

      • I don’t see how the team is responsible for his words and actions. I can’t see why otjers can not seperate the both.

    • clearly you are a sheep[le. lol. no one serves a flag. get real. wtf does playing the govt theme song have to do with sports?

      • Wow. It is not the governments theme song you fucking moron. It is the theme of our nation. Our government is only part of our nation. Get your head out of your ass and think before you speak. This country is all about freedom. It is why a rich ass black man can sit down during the national anthem to protest the country that oppressed him so much… Oh wait no it didn’t, he got rich here…

      • Your resppnse shows just how ignorant and stupid you are. What he did was disrespect those who have worn the uniform to defend this country throughout the history of this country. As well those who laid down there life for this great free nation. Just thinking of the men who were killed during both world wars in europe and are buried along the beaches in france and othe countries. It is about the disrespect for america’s fallen. This has nothing to do with the skin color.

        • you are another idiot. how did his sitting out a war song disrespect anyone. by the way, those poor military people were not defending this country,they were used, abused and thrown away for the greed of the elite. no one laid down their lives for this country you fool,this country was never attacked. in case you missed it , this country is always crowing about spreading freedom while it enslaves other countries for their resources .
          you programmed sheeple are sickening. those poor military were murdered by this govt , for what? so a few could get wealthy. i would suggest you do some real research but your public school programming won’t allow the mind block to be bypassed. lol

          • You dumbass! “this country was never attacked”? Did you just crawl out from under a rock? The very song itself speaks to a victory from an attack. I don’t want to say because I think you should look it up, because I bet you don’t even know the history of the anthem. How about 911? How about Pearl Harbor. Never attacked? Learn the history and Get a clue before you spout off. There will always be differences amongst Americans, however if one (like you) disrespects the very essence of our National heritage that above all relates to LIBERTY, then you like Kaepernick, will be ostracized by people that still respect the greatest country on earth.

    • Wealth and fame has nothing to do with racial oppression. Even if he had never been discriminated against, which he has, he is taking a stand for others. It has nothing to do with disrespecting the military. Maybe its time that racist song written by a slave owner was replaced with something more… American.

  11. So a guy that makes $114 Million over 6 years is going to talk about oppresion…. How America is keeping the “Black Man” down. I’m thinking he has no understanding of what has already passed in order for the “African American Athletes” to have the right to stand before the national audience they perform for. You ask him who Jackie Robinson is he’ll probably say a waitress he knows at a SF Restaurant. When did we go back to pre 60’s America? And by the way, Being an Athlete does not make you better than the guy or girl to your left and right, it just makes you more succeptable to being an asshole. Stand your ass up and be a role model, quit adding to the hatred.

  12. He said, “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” There are also idiots who can throw a ball, make millions, and truly believe the garbage that rolls through their stoopid brains and spews out of their pie holes!

    • I’m sorry, was that a retort? Yes, there are murders on whites and blacks while the police get away with it, and get paid leave. Even on innocent killings. Basically cop life = 5 or more people.

      • Yes that’s true . But why protest about it when the Same people who are protesting watch someone in there community get killed every single day . And do nothing about it . They only have them selves to blame . Just run around and screw everything they can. And then when there comes a baby. Just walking away. To me that’s fuel up the oppressing comes from within . And no one is going to admit that they helped so let’s all blame it on white boy. White man started it when he bought black men of of other blacks men who failed the villages then sold them

      • You have distorted criminal logic. Basically cop life = 5 or more dumb dead criminals whose lives, in reality, don’t matter to anybody but their criminal families regardless of the color of their skin. And the few true innocents who die at the hands of law enforcement, unfortunately, are the result of the odds. There is no mass law enforcement conspiracy to kill off young black men. Only idiots with extremely gullible minds, like the 49er’s dumbass QB, believe otherwise.

        • Only dumb asses believe that there isn’t any corruption in law enforcement, especially when paid leave is the minimal punishment, black or white deaths.

          This is the real world, with people using working minds, it’s not a roll of the dice as you make it out to be. That’s some 80s villain monologue you got there.

          • There ya go. Start the childish, Liberal name calling. You’re such a Liberal tool. Come out of your mom’s basement. You seriously believe that cops rampantly ride around looking for victims to pummel and abuse? I never said there was no corruption in law enforcement. I’m not saying that some cops don’t lose it and go overboard, but, it isn’t the national epidemic that self serving, criminal natured, cop hating Libtard groups would have you think it is. And, I would bet that nearly each case was predicated by the “victim’s” own bad behavior. The cameras never come on until the cop reacts. You haven’t noticed that? Only a “dumb ass” wouldn’t

  13. I reserve the right to never, ever watch the 49ers again. I will never play fantasy football again and will watch my Chicago Bears only as a passive observer. Our elevation of the sports figure to quasi-god status has led many of said players to obtain delusional thought processes.

  14. If he is so upset about life on the United States and how oppressed it is, he can pack his million dollar a year bags and move to a less oppressed country. GTFO!

  15. I understand Kaepernick’s viewpoint on this issue, and I support him and his right to NOT stand to honor this country and it’s flag. As a white person, I feel the same way. White people founded and built this nation, and now our elected leaders are giving it away, turning it into a giant social experiment where they attempt to make it a country filled with every race and nationality in the world, as this is supposed to be some kind of manifestation of national strength. I see it as lies and betrayal. I think I’ll quit standing for the national anthem to, as a form of protest.

    • America is a nation of people from all nations of the world who came here to pratice thier religon. And to be free. Many people of different shades and colors have bulit this country

      • Jeffrey, you’re regurgitating a false narrative put out by global capitalists, a line that has been developed over the last 30 years. Actual history tells a much different story. Take the Preamble of the Constitution as a prime example. The Founders stated they established the Constitution and the country for “themselves” and their literal “posterity.” And all the early laws, such as the 1790 Naturalization and Immigration law,stated the country was for whites only. Nothing about religion. The only qualification was that you must be white and of good moral character. It took a civil war, over a half-million killed, and three constitutional amendments to change that concept of the original American nation.

        • Gordon you do what you accuse others of what you are doing
          When you talk about america you fall really short. When you talk about americans you are refering to everyone in the america’s. That would would include everyone in central america. You can spin your racist views anyway you want. When you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. Just like you. You are a racist pig in sheep clothing.

    • Quit standing for the pledge? Seems like a pussy move for someone that hates this country. Why not just move the hell out of here? THAT would be making a statement we could ALL be happy with.

  16. How about you just leave. If there’s so much oppression in the US there must be so much more opportunity in the middle east. Instead of the US where all of this oppression makes him millions of $$$$$to play football. DOUCHE!

  17. Just another cry baby. We are not oppressing the blacks . They are doing it themselves . Get over the slavery thing. That was a long long time ago that we bought black slaves from black men who were three raiders of the villages . And yet you still blame us. In other words your people sold your people . But here is the thing . Your great great great great were sold as slaves . But then the white man realized it was wrong . And set the black free. Yes it has been a long hard road. But do you have any idea in that tiny brain of yours ? Where you would be right now had we whites not bought black from other blacks? You see back in them days is not so different from today the black on black crime is higher then any race anywhere. You not only have no respect for anyone else . But you have even less for your own kind. And all that you do is to blame everyone but yourself . Back in the 60s, home owners of color were in the 80% range and employment was high also. But then the government decided they need to stick there noses in it and started giving welfare . Then that’s when everything went down hill. A lot of Black’s loved the idea of free stuff. Why work when we can let someone else pay for our lifestyle we can supplement on top the free money with a little criminal activity . Thus was born the destroyer of the black man. Families would get on it. And instead of trying to better themselves . Just stay on it . And as there children grew up and watched this action decided they wanted that lifestyle . And passed it down from generation to generation . And in the meantime blaming the white . What you teach your children is what they will be. But you sir made something of yourself . And any black man could do the same . Maybe not with a Football but with an idea. And just going for it. But again they choose not to . . But back to the blame game you males just run around and screw every girl you can. Then just forget about the children who grow up without a father . And they have no man figure in there life. So they turn to there friends . So how dare you blame us for your self centered don’t give a rats ass, for anything or one behavior you blacks destroy yourselves . Then to stupid to know it. But again where would you be had slaves not been brought here ? I will tell you where in Africa eating bugs,probably in the middle of a civil war . Basically like your gang members here just killing each other . . One more thing more police officers are killed every year by blacks ,then blacks killed by police officers . And look at the ratio . Instead of stomping on our flag and setting that example to young people . …… That what I’m talking about . Same as in prison 80 to 90% are black yet other races run the prisons because you, yes you blacks hate each other and to prove it just go into the inner city you are killing each other . Then they all quit school and just become stupid ignorant assholes,. You get no respect because you give none . So Mr. Big time football player show everyone how even an educated black is stupid . I will never watch another 49ers,game in my life. And I know you don’t care . You don’t care about anything . Because you are to stupid . The color of a man’s skin does not make the man. His actions do. The good thing is that there are only about 18% of people that care about the color of a man . And you my friend are one of the racist pigs you wanna do good for your people ? Don’t stop on the flag. Go and help communities with the youth . What your doing now is just poisoning there minds , but hey you don’t care . You just wanna cry you little bitch,…………

  18. He was raised in America making him an American who said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag every morning while attending grade school. But all of a sudden he talks about oppression and won’t stand up to the flag of our great nation…. Come on…. He should take 18 million a year and invest it into scholarships for the poverty stricken families….. We are all one… Stop this damn racial divide!!!!!!!!!!! It is sickening!!!!!!! Pathetic idiot he is!!!!!!

    I feel he should be fined by the “National” Football League!!!! Or reprimanded in some fashion!!!

  19. Is he talking about the same country that ended slavery in 1865 ? The same country that has the NAACP,The BET channel,Black History Month,MLK Jr Day ? The same country that allows clowns like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to spew their nonsense everywhere ? The same country that TWICE elected a black president ? The same country that has a black Attorney General ? Tha same country that had Colin Powell as a top general ? How conveniently he overlooks all that and focuses on career criminals that refused to cooperate with the police.Never liked him and now I pretty much hate him.And color has nothing to do with it.

  20. who is this douche? So he makes millions per year, was raised by white parents, and he feels oppressed? This douche is a clown. Is he even any good? I never heard of him.

  21. So then don’t play in a game for the US that puts food on your table pays the bills for you and your family you idiot scum. By me buying a ticket, I PAY YOUR SALARY!

  22. That asshole wouldn’t be making millions of dollars playing kids’ games if people hadn’t fought an died and others worked hard on his behalf.

    He also needs to separate the regime from his country. I love my country, hate the regime, hate injustices. He’s right down there with Moochelle Obama.

  23. He refused to stand up during a game, showing respect for the flag of his country, as a poor and misplaced example of how to fight oppression. Standing up for your country’s flag at a public event and fighting oppression are two things which deserve their own stage…

    For instance, protesting is fine and dandy, but ask those same protestors which of them actually wrote a letter to a senator or representative. How many actually signed a petition? Or how about this…. how many know that while you DO have the right to peacefully assemble, it is actually against the law to do so in such manner as will disrupt public commerce?

    There are channels to move through for a reason. When we ignore what the proper channels are, we show the world we do not have pride enough in our country to change it for the better, and would rather tear it down for the failures of the few.

    Positive change cannot come with negative polarizations.

  24. Maybe he should just play for the love of the game, and skip out on all those greenback American dollars he gets to Play a game for a living. maybe he should go and give all those disgusting dollars to people who might do better things with them all

  25. What a farce. He’s been ‘oppressed’ to the tune of how many millions? And has he been sharing that money with his fellow ‘oppressed’ blacks – you know, those who don’t look for work but look for handouts? A prime example of someone overpaid and underbrained.

  26. Kaepernickis just an entertainer who works for us, the paying public. He’s the publics’ employee. The public should show their distaste in his hateful actions by firing him. The firing process is simple – stop going to, and watching on TV, all 49’ers home games. The message will be passed down soon enough to this POS.

  27. The opressed bi-ratial millionaire that was raised by white parents, who was fined $11,000 by the NFL for calling another player a f***ng n***er. Your free to protest, and your also responsible for your actions. Disrespecting the symbol that represents everything that made you possible. The sports career, the millions, etc. Many people of color fought and died for that flag. Ignorant, selfish act. Nobody is in a better position to help with what you see as an issue. Start a foundation? Start a charity? Make a video for national tv? Out in the streets, making a difference? No you sit during the anthem in front of millions of people. How does that help your people? I wonder how you would feel about America if you lived in Mexico? Idiot!

  28. You don’t like the flag or national anthem but you don’t hesitate to put the American dollar in your pocket. Your an ass

  29. Kaepernick’s conclusions are wrong.
    Being generous, let’s assume he arrived at them based on believing false “facts” reported by mainstream media.

    Media is powerful. But people need to recognize when they’re being fed unsubstantiated “facts”. They need to wait for verified truth to come out before arriving at a conclusion.
    For example, the “hands up don’t shoot” phrase… Undeniably shown to be a lie, yet people still cite it as proof that “cops are getting away with murder”.
    All these stories we hear about on the national news, it’s the same deal. The institutional racism that is initially cited as cause for the “murder” is proven false.

    The truth is,
    There is not a war against blacks being waged by police across America; police are not getting away with murder. A war against criminals is being waged.
    America is not a nation of white supremacists, though some do exist.

    Ever notice so many movements we see lately are based on lies or filtered information packaged into sound bytes, grossly misinterpreted stats, and funded by George Soros dollars?

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