Kid Goes Absolutely Psycho Over Madden Glitch

*Warning NSFW language*

Video games are all fun and games right? …Not for this kid. While facing the Arizona Cardinals as the Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl (which may be the real glitch here), a pass is intercepted at the goal line and somehow called a safety by the ref, losing the title.

Even in Madden the Browns can’t win a Super Bowl…


  1. That is the correct call. He took the ball out of the endzone, regained his momentum , then ran backwards into the endzone where he was tackled.

    • i would have called it a touchback. he was in the act of falling, there was no “football move” as the like to say

      • No, you didn’t listen to what he said, he said he established ground, completely stood up, so as FATLAZYGAMER posted, he regained his momentum and was driven back, it’s not a glitch but just a bad Cleveland Browns curse lmao


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