Kirk Cousins Stats Before & After “You Like That” Is Actually Astounding

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Kirk Cousins has gone from relatively unknown Redskins backup quarterback to fan favorite and (at the moment) NFL Star.

Cousins, who was drafted after RGIII in the same 2013 NFL Draft as basically a safety blanket incase Griffin didn’t turn out, which at this point has been a genius pick, has overtaken the former Baylor QB as the starter in Washington and taken them to the playoffs as NFC East Champs.

A big part of this shot into stardom? Not so much his play, but rather three words… “YOU LIKE THAT?!”

The words were born after Cousins and the Skins came back with a come from behind win, awkwardly but passionatley shouting the phrase at reporters as he walked back into the locker room. Ever since he mustered “You like that?!” Cousins has been on a hot streak, and the stats prove it.

The stats, per, show before ‘YLT’, which covers about 2/3rds as his time as a starter, and the 1/3 following.

Incase you haven’t seen the video, or just want to enjoy it again…

Why yes, yes we do like that Kirk.


  1. THIS the greetest lie since Owebozo say he a American that speak english and he a christian and he aint want none our gun’s! So your saying that Kurt Cousing’s past for almost 80,00 yard’s this season? Give me some break’s! This an outright LIE by the obummer administration’s to give some creditability to the redskin’s and to take away from the TRUE patriot’s out in Oregon!!


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