Michael Sam Sacks Manziel, Does Money Celebration

Let’s face it, ESPN literally exploded when Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel, the two most talked about football players since Sam came out publicly last year. Well Sam and Manziel met tonight, literally and not the way Manziel intended. Sam also through up the ‘Money Manziel’ after the play, which we now think will literally happen every single time he goes down in the backfield.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.23.13 PM


  1. Who cares about Johnny Manziel ESPN. He’s just another overrated QB that won a trophy in his college years. Big whoop!! Get off his Sack and quit kissing ass and start recognizing other players that play football.

    • I say let them keep praising him. It’ll make the regular season that much more fun to watch when he gets his head taken off and the refs say ‘play on’.


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