The Moment Johnny Manziel Was Told The Camera Caught The Middle Finger

It didn’t take long for Manziel to find out the camera caught the middle finger heard around the world.

What appears to be an office official for the Cleveland Browns came over and let Manziel know that the camera was on him when he made the obscene guester on national television on Monday Night Football.

Not that the gesture is brutally bad, but for a polarizing figure with the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns in his grasp, definitely didn’t help that, nor his image.


  1. He is still young and learning from his mistakes. It’s his choice if he wants to continue his downward spiral, or man-up. Reminds me of Dez a few years ago, or Blount.

  2. Whats worse..that or jimmy graham blatantly dunking the ball after the touchdown know that is against the rules.. that is telling the nfl and officials f you!!

  3. Give the finger to the fans on National television – nothing will happen.
    The guy he was throwing to in that game – that guy was suspended for the season for smoking weed. I guess Josh Gordon should tell fans to go F themselves – he’d be back in 3 weeks.

  4. The bullseye on his back is now that much bigger. Say the right things & you can rattle the little mental midget. Sorry Mr. Football, but it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


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