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We are all familiar with the debate over the what some call “racist” of “unfit and unneeded for today’s society” name of one of the most valuable franchises in all of the sports, the Washington Redskins. Many have taken to parodies to mock the possible changing of the logo, but now with the teams name’s copyright revoked, it seems as this could be the beginning of the end of the Redskins’ name.

 Daily Snark artist Brandon Hubschman took to the computer and designed what we think would make for a couple cool logos for the team if the fore coming situation does become a reality. We included versions with a new color scheme differing from that recognizble maroon and yellow to match the rest of the sports teams with reflecting the United States flag’s colors, as well as that the existing colors being rendered useless with a new name.

Yay or Nay? Feel free to comment your favorite at the bottom! [Click on images to enlarge]


The Washington Monuments

This design features a predominant ‘W” that is made from the flight of a bouncing football, reminiscent of the ones thrown by Tim Tebow. The central cutout is made by using the outline of the United States Capitol Building.

redksins logo 2for ds2 copy

redksins logo 2for ds

Here’s a rendering of what a helmet would look like using the color scheme and logo:

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints

The Washington Warriors

A design using a pair of ‘W’s along with a the Washington Memorial which doubles as a sword, to accentuate the “warrior”.

Warriors red and bluefor ds

Warriors logofor ds

The DC Monuments

This contemporary design uses a football that contains the Washington Memorial as the laces.

Redskins secondary logo

red blue for ds

The DC Monuments

This design uses an oval design which contains the letters ‘DC’, hugging the Washington Memorial which features laces.

Dc logofor ds

Dc logoford ds

The DC Monuments

This final design features a similar layout but with the ‘D’ representing the ‘D’ in “DC” as well as an ‘M’ for “Monuments”.


DM for ds 4


  • Jon


  • Jeff Forehand

    The first three aren’t too bad (the DC Monuments being the best), but I’d avoid using the Washington Monument in the logo overall – you just know people will make dick comparisons.

  • K.j. Hinton

    Washington Thinskins. Use the same logo, but use Obama’s face in the middle.

  • Kyle

    Monuments = dumb

  • byron yatch

    Why wont anyone lend any credibility to the best name anyone suggested, 2 years ago. THE RED TAILS, also known as the tuskegee airmen who protected our bombers in WW2. They were the first black fighter pilots. They only allowed 27 bombers to go down when every other squadron lost at least 46, and they only lost bombers in 7 missions. They were pioneers and trailblazers, much like Doug Williams being the first black sb winning qb. Much like RG3 can be for this generation, who wouldnt be proud to play for that team? To honor these men who most definitely heard something similar to Hail to the Red Tails every time a bomber landed safely home. Its the most feel good story that could ever replace a team name that is so loved by many like this one. PUT THE DOTS TOGETHER, MAKE IT HAPPEN. PROVE THAT A SPORTS TEAM CAN BE NAMED AFTER FAMOUS BLACK MEN. These WERE the patriots of the 40s fighting in a war that they didnt have to, there was no draft. And not only against the axis of evil, but of the public perception that blacks couldnt do it, they werent smart/good enough, kinda like qb in the nfl…

    • Billy Boggs

      The team is named after a native american that played on the team. It would be a great dishonor to native americans to change the name of the team to anything.

      • Gabe Romero

        No it wouldn’t, a lot of us would be pretty happy to see that name go.

        • Earl Breon

          Yeah, and a lot of you are weak minded parrots offended because some talking head said you should be, so…

          The symbology and reverence behind the name and associated logo are beyond well documented. Anyone who finds it offensive is listening to the wrong people who are looking to be offended by something in order to ride the PC wave our nation is on right now.

          How a nickname coined by the people to describe themselves can be deemed as racist against themselves is a concept that fails to pass any reasoning test I am aware of.

          There is only one acceptable name change in this scenario, revert to the original team name, “Braves” and keep the current logo in tact since it is not what is in question.

          • Gabe Romero

            Ya know, I woke up this morning and said, “Man, I really want to ride the wave of PC furry today. How could I be more offended than I already am? Oh! I got it, I’ll decide that the Redskins are offensive.”

            Fact of the matter is buddy, I don’t think any team should have the name of a race, especially when the etymology of that term is in question. If it were any other group, we wouldn’t find this ok (or maybe you would). I wouldn’t be happy to see the Washington, Whites, Yellows Blacks, Jews, Arabs or even the Gringos, Rednecks, or Gaijin for that matter. I don’t think the Fighting Irish is acceptable either. A race isn’t a team name, no matter how you use it.

            Personally I feel as such: Regardless of the intent and amount of “honor” and “acknowledgement” behind the use of the name, it feels cheap to say, “Look how much respect we are giving you after wiping out your numbers, driving your food sources to near extinction for fun, and then marching your asses across the country to some of the least fertile land in the because you interfere with ‘God’s Plan’ for us. We respect you still so much after still not owning up to the treaties and using biological warfare that we will name a team after you. Oh you are offended by our patting ourselves on the back? You must be a small minded parrot!”

            Do the Washington Redskins affect my daily life? No, but I think we as the leaders of the world should strive to rise above something like blatant racism (intentional or not) supported any given Sunday. Or maybe I’m wrong and a lot of people are just to cheap to buy new jerseys.

          • Earl Breon

            So, you are telling me that even though every pole conducted of the Native population, of which I am considered being nearly 1/4 Cherokee, has returned with nearly 90% saying the term is non-offensive that you feel offended for them and that means a name change is needed?

            You are telling me that when you drive onto a reservation and see the school team named “The Redskins” that you are so offended that they are being racist against themselves you feel they need to change it?

            That’s the part of the entire issue that really gets my goat. If there was an actual offense felt by an overwhelming majority of the Native population then I would be on board with the name change. This is a name that Natives actually take pride in. Yes, there have been two tribes (out of thousands) raising a stink but they collectively do not represent even a percent of the population and their recent history has been a sue happy one.

            But, despite those facts, people like you feel some burden of guilt for them. That mentality is even more offensive than the name. It says, “You are too stupid to understand you should be offended so I’m going to do it for you!”

            Same thing with your “Fighting Irish” toss out… really? IRISH people love the name and embrace it to a fanatical point. If you are Irish and Catholic then it’s past fanatical and cult like. But, again, they must be too stupid to be offended!

            And, no, it’s not just about new jerseys. My family, due to our Native ties, have been die hard Redskins fans for around 50+ years. It is a tradition I’d rather not have taken away just to see a PC society appeased so they can move on to their next self righteous cause.

          • Gabe Romero

            You have it all wrong, and hear me out. You keep saying people like me feel this way or that way. You have no idea how I feel, but regardless you keep trying to tell me how I feel or how I should feel because your 25% Cherokee blood and 90% of voluntary response polls you have not cited. Your need to generalize me is unreal. Does it make it easier for you if you can put my argument in a box with those other PC people screwing up the world? I’d rather you ask me how I feel rather then tell me how I should or do feel. We are adults after all and I got involved in this discussion not to be right or wrong, but just because a good number of us don’t actually like being referred to primarily by our skin tone, regardless of the intent.

            I will say again, I don’t think using the name of a race, whatever that is, is ok. It’s not about guilt for me, it’s not about people who like it are too stupid, or high schools wearing it with pride. When it gets cold here in New Mexico I see plenty of Redskins coats on natives. I don’t think they are stupid or wrong, we just see the wold differently. I don’t have a burden of guilt, I just think it’s all kind of silly. I told you what it means to me to see a team called the Redskins. To me, (since special pleading is going to be the fallacy we are going to lay down) a Navajo/Apache/Spanish mix, its not horribly offensive to a point that I cry every night about it, but I would like to see it go. And I know plenty of other natives who agree with me.

          • Mark 2112

            except it isn’t blatant racism…..just because YOU and a few other idiots believe it to be doesn’t make it so.

          • Walks With Penguins

            How about the SF Chinks, the NM Wetbacks, or the NY Kikes, hell how about the NO Niggers? you’ve rationalized to yourself that ‘Redskins’ is somehow different and not a derogatory name for a race of people. If ‘Wetback Joe’ was a legend and they claimed the team was named after him, it’s still fucking racist…

        • Mark 2112

          that’s because you’re a loser….you mean to tell me the name is the worst of your concerns? it has SUCH a huge impact on your life? seriously, go feed the hungry and stop crying over such trivial matters.

    • Tripp Guerra

      ya…lets get rid of one assumed racist name and give it another by alienating all the other heros of the world so we can single out one group who’s only special thing wasn’t special at all. they just happened to be black. lets pick em just because of the color of there skin is what your saying…when will you people learn.. I swear.. blacks are there own worst enemy

      • byron yatch

        I’m white, and a former US Airman who served in Fairbanks Alaska. I know my history and appreciate all those men did to break color barriers and protect our bombers better than any other squadron in the war. They’re forgotten history that deserve recognition. where better than the first franchise to have a super bowl winning black quarterback?

        • Z Thomas

          Forgotten history that just had a movie made about it because of how forgotten it is.

          • byron yatch

            Yeah, did you ever read the interviews from george lucas who said it was impossible to get funding or a studio that would put their name on it. It took him 7 fucking years to get it green lit. You know why right? Because white production companies want nothing to do with movies about black people, especially not ones with mainly black casts. Just ask kevin hart how hard it was to get his newest sequel released worldwide(they wont) when he has a worldwide audience. Oh, and how many years passed by before the first movie about these gentlemen? FUCKING 60 years. SO yea, they got a movie 2 years ago, ABOUT FUCKING TIME….

  • Johnny Jay

    We can skip the whole discussion and send them West, I hear LA is looking for a team. We’ll take Arizona back or we can keep the LA “Blanks”…whichever.

    • Lukeskywalker88

      The LA Facelifts, the LA Kale, the LA Kardashians, the LA Gangsters, ect.

      • DeePee

        LA Kardashians because it’s full of black men?

  • B17

    i like the Red tails

  • Tripp Guerra

    call em the washington crackers….that’ll shut the motherfuckers up!!!

  • Senor Bacon

    Why not the Washington Thieves? You can have a team that matches what goes on there.

  • Thu Ha
  • Brandon Turppa

    Why the fuck would they be called Monuments? hahaaha

  • Matt Reveles

    And yet cracker barrel still has its name…

  • isfturtle

    Burgundy and gold. Not maroon and yellow.

  • Austin Doyle

    I think the first one looks really good. The only problem for me is that it looks more like a logo for the AFL.

  • Krzysztof Jozwik

    I still think they should just change the logo to a potato and keep the name.

    • Mason

      hahaha yea they should

  • Sherby

    how about the Washington Natives? you dont even have to change the logo or jersey, just the name

  • kyle

    whats up with the chiefs then. no name change there? then theres the vikings. no question there? who knows maybe animals are also offended. how about all the owners change their respected franchises to an unanimated object that way no one gets their feeling hurt. seattle stones and denver trees (lol).

  • Nick Kerr

    Washington Foreskins

  • Justin

    Washington Fighting Whities

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