Radio Host Mike Francesa Destroys Ben McAdoo For Benching Eli Manning In Hilarious Rant

The New York Giants benching quarterback Eli Manning has taken New York by storm.

No one sums up how the New York Giants fanbase is feeling more than legendary New York radio host Mike Francesa, who chimed in on the decision to bench the long-time New York Giant quarterback:

Here are some of the memorable quotes from Francesa ripping Ben McAdoo:

• “McAdoo’s career is worthless. Jerry Reese’s career is built on Eli Manning. His success in those two games is why Jerry Reese has got a career. He doesn’t have a career by what he’s drafted here. He’s got a career because he won two Super Bowls won by Eli Manning, who went on the road and won all those playoff games and who won the Super Bowl MVP twice by beating the Patriots. Without that Jerry Reese is unemployed. Without that, none of those guys walk around that room with the swagger that they have. It’s built on his back! And you’re going to try and tell us that you have a better chance to win a game with Geno Smith over Eli Manning? Offensive line or no offensive line? That is your answer?”

• “This is a desperate move by a desperate guy who is clinging…And the fact that John Mara has not separated himself from this fool is hard to believe.”

• “We haven’t seen a game plan from this guy all year. Since he’s been the head coach, the Giants haven’t scored 30 points ever.”

• “You can’t run this clown out of town fast enough. The worst thing that’s ever happened is that Eli Manning had to be associated with you as head coach with the career he’s had here. Maybe on your way out, you can take a look at Eli’s rings. That’s the closest you’ll ever get to one too….with actions like this you’re going to try to tell us that Geno Smith is the answer?!”

Francesa also said that the Giants should release Manning and see how quick he may land in Jacksonville, where he could be reunited with his former coach Tom Coughlin, who is now the executive vice president of football operations for the Jacksonville Jaguars.