Odell Beckham Does Same Drill Dez Bryant Failed Miserably At, Catches Them All One-Handed

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.41.25 PMBryantBeckham

Last week during the first week of NFL training camp around the league, a video went viral of Dez Bryant failing miserably during a drill involving the ‘jugs’ machine.

The Cowboys WR, who is infamously known to “drop it” (referring to the 2014 NFC Divisional Round playoff game between Green Bay and Dallas), stood near the machine which was set to the fastest setting to test out his hand quickness.

The all-pro WR dropped the majority of the balls, though the poor display of hands was excused and brushed off by Cowboys fans because of the speed of the passes and proximity of where Bryant was standing.

Those excuses may not hold up so well after a video was taken of Odell Beckham Jr. up at NFC East rival New York Giants training camp, performing the same drill, at a similar distance and slightly lesser speed – while catching them all one handed.

Have a watch (click expand to full screen to enlarge):


  1. People are so dumb. Dez is using a machine shooting it at almost point blank. Ten times faster than the other video someone lobbing it to him from afar. Lol. To the dumbass in the video saying boop. Lol idiot.

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