Old Tweets From Chargers’ Official Twitter Account Are So Weird And Make No Sense

The Los Angeles Chargers season ended on Sunday with an embarrassing 41-22 loss to the New England Patriots.

The game was essentially over at halftime as the Patriots raced out to a commanding 35-7 lead. It gave fans on social media time to find old tweets from Chargers’ fans and Patriots haters seemingly guaranteeing a win for the Chargers.

What they found, however, was old tweets from the Los Angeles Chargers (formerly the San Diego Chargers) which are incredibly bizarre and make absolutely no sense, whatsoever.



  1. Someone created the username @chargers long before the team acquired the username from him. These are just some random guy’s Tweets before the team took over the account.

  2. Even belonging to some normal Joe, those are some pretty dumb tweets. Doesn’t make me regret deactivating my account at all.


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