Packers WR Jordy Nelson Adopted A Baby Girl In Texas Before Sunday’s Game Against The Cowboys

Jordy Nelson not only added a ‘W’ to the Packers win column Sunday in Texas, he added a new member to his family.

Just days before the Packers WR took on the Cowboys on Sunday, his wife, Emily Nelson, traveled to San Antonio to finalize the adoption of Adda Jo.

Adda is now the Nelson’s third child, the second to be adopted by the couple.

Emily was unable to get pregnant after she and Jordy had their first child, Royal, so they went the route of adoption.

The family has now become advocates of adoption and all that comes with it.

“This is a wonderful couple and a beautiful family,” the San Antonio judge who made the latest adoption official said. “Congratulations to the Nelsons! They personify service and exemplify love.”