Panthers Punt Returner Gets Laid Out, Fumbles, Then Scores 79 Yard TD

Carolina Panthers punt returner Philly Brown got hit hard as he was interfered with during a punt return. During the confusion on whether the whistle had blown, Brown made a heads-up play, picking up the ball and taking it to the house for a 79-yard touchdown.

(h/t Bro Bible)


  1. Brown never fumbles the ball as the title says. He was hit before the ball even reached him. An amazing play, but don’t say he fumbled the ball. wow.

  2. One of the offending players touched the ball before it was picked up and run into the end zone. By rule, a kicking team player touching the ball downs the ball at that spot. I did not hear an explanation of how that was missed in replay (and I am sure it was reviewed, they do that in the Numerous Felons League more than in professional rugby). Alert play, and legal except that it should have been blown dead when the other kick cover guy rolled on top of the ball.

    • It doesn’t down it at that spot. You see all the time kicking teams knocking it at the 1 and it ending up at the 2 or 3. A returner can also pick the ball up and attempt a return after the fact. If they fumble and lose possession they get the ball back too if a defender touched it before they started the return.


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