Patriots Fan Posted Craigslist Ad Asking For ‘Thumb Donation’ For Tom Brady’s Injured Hand

Patriots fans are on the ropes after news broke that Tom Brady had suffered an injury to this throwing hand during practice, just days prior to the AFC Championship Game.

The news of Brady missing practice on Thursday got fans even more nervous despite photos of Brady being at practice and wearing a glove on both his hands.

Questions have been thrown in the air of the severity of the injury as many wondered if the glove was there to hide the actual location the injury.

One Patriots fan is so nervous, he’s decided to go out and actually get help for his quarterback, posting this Craigslist ad, seeking a ‘thumb donation’ from anyone so it can be given to the Patriots quarterback ahead of Sunday’s game.


It’s only a matter of time before a Pats fan chops off their right hand gives it to Tom Brady directly.