Patriots Fans Come Up With Creative Deflate-Gate T-Shirt

New allegations in the whole “deflate-gate” scandal have arisen this week. The Patriots played the Ravens in the playoffs before advancing to the AFC Championship game vs the Colts. Many have accused the Ravens of “setting up” the Pats by waiting until the Colts played them in the championship game to make note of under-flated footballs. The Ravens would have notified the Colts previous to their game to check the footballs during the game.
Some creative Patriots fans have made fun of the situation, and their two counterparts, with this “BUTT HURT” T-shirt, using the Baltimore B and the Colts horseshoe.

(Click image to enlarge)11822772_972790842767604_8294927920367489322_n


    • A hack? Please. He likely broke a rule but to call him a hack is ridiculous. I guess it’s easy being a tough guy on the internet

    • Studies have shown the balls were not maliciously deflated, but im sure you’re very up on the facts, and not a bitter idiot ignoring them, no no not at all;)

    • So, just to get this one clear, that to get FOUR Super Bowl rings – the last one against one of the best defences, ever – all you have to do is be a hack? How come then the QB that many think is the best, Aaron Rodgers, who publicly admitted he tries to cheat the refs by putting MORE air in his footballs than allowed, got bitchslapped by the Seahawks?

      Don’t you think that if all it took to be a SB champion was to be a “hack”, everybody would be doing it?


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