Patriots Fans Go OFF On Kicker Steven Gostkowski On Twitter Postgame For Missing Extra Point


Well, seems like Pats fans are taking this loss well…

The Patriots responded to the Broncos opening drive touchdown with one of their own, yet only 6 points were left up on the scoreboard due to a missed point-after-attempt from their usually perfect kicker, Steven Gotkowski.

Patriot fans everywhere took to Twitter and absolutely ripped him for the miss, which was blamed by many for the loss, as the Patriots lost to the Broncos by one point.

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    • Every fanbase has these people. And all of us wish they’d go away. Gostkowski’s miss was just one part of the problem today. You win as a team and you lose as a team. They’ll be back next year and the “fans” who made those comments should just stay away because they aren’t wanted.

    • Not really. When was the last time you saw video of Patriots fans burning another team’s QB in effigy? Never (Jets). Knocking out a fellow Pats fan in the bathroom for letting him know that the next urinal is available? Never (49ers). Throwing trash at an injured QB being carted off the field? Never (Bengals). Ghetto stomping a rival team’s fan in the parking lot? Never (Vikings). So no, not “typical.” Best not to open your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about.

    • Same for the Bengals “fans,” and the Broncos “fans,” and the Raiders “fans,” and on and on and on. There is human scum in every fan base. Patriots fans are not known for this kind of behavior – these are isolated morons. 49ers and Raiders fans, on the other hand, have a long history of disgraceful actions. Don’t generalize.

  1. Gotskowski a moran, yes. But at least he aint a colored like that moran looser mooslum Cam Newtin. Cam a ugly and dumb colored, I hope he get’s exported NOW back to Africa

  2. Sounds like their fans are bullies. Telling him to kill himself and they hope his family is killed and he has to watch?? I get being mad but come on. How is that even remotely OK? I’m so glad the Broncos won although neither is my team but to tell anyone that they should kill themselves or that you hope that they have to watch their family be killed…. SMH

  3. This is fuckin’ sad. Holy shit. Yes, he missed a fuckin’ kick. The offensive line also couldn’t stop Brady being sacked every other play. Bunch of shit could have been done better

  4. Did New England lose by 1 point? No? Then these ‘fans’ should shut up. Even if they did lose by 1–the team wins or the team loses. No one player is responsible.

    • I agree with the second part. However, they lost by two because they went for a two point conversion and failed, they were in that situation cause of the missed extra point. But like i said I agree with that second half, the team wins and the team loses. It’s a team game and it takes a team effort.

      • Im definitely not concerning myself …personally im just responding in a discussion….that is what I thought the whole point of this was anyways. I could be wrong it happens…not trying to be rude by the way it’s just my opinion to your reply. Have a nice day

  5. What a bunch of losers. Yes, he missed the extra point, but that was in the first quarter. Your team had plenty of time to make that up. It’s not like what Blair Walsh did 2 weeks ago.

    Why don’t you get on Brady for throwing an INT on the 2 point conversion?

  6. Wow…wonder how many of those horrible people consider themselves Christians. Guessing most of them. Truly terrible human beings.

    • *ding! ding! ding!* Ladies & Gentleman, we have ourselves a winner.
      This comment screams the shady, and very believable line of reasoning behind those “Pats fans”

    • Exactly, and that’s why it’s called “gambling”, you take a gamble and have a 50/50 shot a LOSING. ANY sports fan who acts like this is a mentally deranged loony toon who never grew past the 5th grade mentally.

    • No, America hates the Patriots because it’s easy to attack successful people. That, combined with the fact that there’s a LOT of misinformation out there about Spygate and Deflategate, mainly spread by Facebook memes and kids who know zilch about the game of football.

      • Or perhaps it’s the arrogant way they present themselves toward the rest of the world. With your permission, I’d like to use your post as an example. Asshat.

        • Personal attacks and name-calling aside, I have no idea where you’re getting the “arrogant” accusation from. None of our guys were trash-talking Denver leading up to the game…none of our guys bragged about trying to rub our nuts on Peyton’s face…so yeah, I’m sticking with the success. People have been resenting the Patriots for years, just like every other dynasty throughout the modern era.

          • Opinions are just that …Plain an simple. I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to attack others about a sport that we are suppose to enjoy. We all have our team we support…it should be left at that without the negativity or bullying. It’s meant to be enjoyed!

  7. Typical Pats fans. This is exactly what Buffalo fans would never do. You guys are the real trash talking about someone like that. Let’s see YOU go hit every single extra point. The NFL backed it up for a reason. Also, the loss rests on the shoulders of the entire team you uneducated fools. There is a whole 60 minutes in the game. Denver was the better team. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Not really. When was the last time you saw video of Patriots fans burning another team’s QB in effigy? Never (Jets). Knocking out a fellow Pats fan in the bathroom for letting him know that the next urinal is available? Never (49ers). Throwing trash at an injured QB being carted off the field? Never (Bengals). Ghetto stomping a rival team’s fan in the parking lot? Never (Vikings). So no, not “typical.” Best not to open your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about. Patriot-hater fanboys are unreal.

  8. Hey Mr. Steven Gostkowski , how about i tell you a very true grusome scary story that your 75 uncle tom niggers that were your friend head’s got chopped off with a axe in my hand that i bury them while they sleep in the backyards. Seriously i’ll fucking gouge your eye balls after i headbutt you more than 5 times so hard when your head starts to bleed you mother fucker that will feed you in your garbage dump with the devil. I mean seriously, you could not beat Charles “Tex” Watson that was a hell a of high school football player n’ sports editor from Dallas, TX that was part of “The Manson Family” that you fuck you up less than 30 seconds.

  9. What a NASTY thing to say from everyone but mainly the andrew hobson guy. You don’t NEVER EVER EVER say that about anyone. You are a disgusting human being! You are so lucky I don’t have twitter because you would get a big message from me you ass wipe. You will regret those words because karma is a bitch!

  10. remember when Scott Norwood missed the bills kick wide right in superbowl 25? when the bills got back to buffalo he got a standing ovation and was told by people to walk it off get them next time and was forgiven? you stay classy pats fans

  11. Anybody who legit wishes death upon somebody because boo-fucking-hoo they didn’t win a GAME for your team, those people are human garbage and I hope for society’s sake that they don’t breed.

    • Totally agree with you about this. The negativity is outrageous! What kind of person says those things over a game? We teach our children not to bully yet those of you wishing an threatening bodily harm or worse telling him to kill himself you are no better then the bullies we warn our children about. Wait let me guess if you have kids its your kids that are the bullies. I truly hope that if any of you that talk that drastic don’t ever have one of your kids be on the receiving end of your harmful words. As if he doesn’t feel bad enough for the miss…shit happens!! Grow up an get over urself…hope karma bites you in the ass an you experience a mistake as bad if not worse an get the wrath this man is getting. Horrible people…perfect example of POOR SPORT!!!

  12. In 1990, Bills fans greeting the team at the airport after Super Bowl XXV demanded to hear from Scott Norwood so they could cheer him.

  13. Ahh…typical Patriot fans. Delusional and so quick to hate and jump off the bandwagon. Fluster Brady enough and he’s a mediocre QB. Amazing defense showed up today. Gotta give it to the Denver D.

  14. Yeah both of Tom Brady’s interceptions had nothing to do with it right??? . . . It’s a team sport . . . Win as a team lose as a team . . .

  15. These fans on here are SUCH idiots. He had not missed like 500 some straight. This just further shows how arrogant and classless some Pat’s fans are…and these fans above….they know NOTHING about football. If they did…they would know he didn’t loose the game for them. Ignorant entitled fans.

    • Yes, these Pats “fans” are human scum and the worst of society. They are everything that’s wrong with America. That being said, EVERY team has this type of trash. EVERY team has arrogant and classless fans. Bengals threw garbage at Big Ben as he was carted off the field. Broncos fans have been crying about Brady crying for a week. A lot of these Broncos folks still think the Pats were taping practices and using them to prepare for games. Ignorance is everywhere. It’s an NFL issue, not a Patriots one.

      I am a proud Patriots fan, and would love to shake Gostkowski’s hand and pat him on the back for all his clutch kicks and performance under pressure. He’s still the best kicker in the league. Everybody played a role in this loss, from Brady, to Belichick, to the O-line, to Gostkowski, to the refs.

    • EXACTLY!!! Their poor sportsmanship feels the need to blame someone. Pathetic in my opinion…that is all it is tho is an opinion

  16. I guess these schmucks missed the part where Brady threw a pair of interceptions, including one that led to the Broncos getting the ball inside the Patriots’ red zone and scoring a TD about 20 or 30 seconds later?

  17. It’s a game people. A new season starts in like 9 months. Cool down show some class and some common decency to your fellow man. Not everyone is perfect. And also I wouldn’t want any one to have to sit and watch their family killed even my worst enemy that was wrong on so many levels and you buddy are whats wrong with the world today because to say something like that over a football game is beyond comprehension. You need help and you should probably get it before you actually hurt someone.

  18. *Yes I am a Patriots Fan.
    *Yes I believed BB should have gone for the field goal making it a 5 point game
    *The defense played for the most part great. Held Denver to only 3 points in the second half.
    *The 0 line sucked more than a vacuum cleaner.
    * No matter how great a quarterback is you can throw the football while you’re laid out on the ground from repeatedly getting hit or sacked.
    * I knew the Panthers will win and I knew a Brady vs Newton matchup at Superbowl 50 will be an awesome thing to watch.
    * The Broncos are not going to beat the Panthers. Another blow out loss in a Superbowl is going to be bad for Peyton’s legacy. I hope we get a great game at least & not a Broncos vs Seahawks game.
    * Today was not our day Pats fans. But be grateful for this season and this unprecedented run we’ve had this past decade and a half.
    *Brady will be back..Peyton probably won’t
    * Hopefully this off season we built on our weaknesses and the upcoming season is not as injury fill as this one.
    * Thanks to the Patriots.
    & F*** You Roger Goodell

  19. seriously.. you call yourselves Pats fans..bunch of bandwagon crybabies… it was 1 point wouldn’t have made a difference anyways..y’all lost..get over it..don’t blame the kicker.. it takes a team to lose or win… guess you forgot brady’s 2 interceptions..hmmm???? but yeah it was all gostkowski’s fault..idiots

  20. He’s the best kicker in the game, misses one PAT. How many passes did your receivers miss all game. Go rip them. In reality, the Pats struggled the end of the season, too many injuries and clearly just wasn’t your year. I mean gosh I know its hard after not having won a championship in so long.

  21. As a Patriots fan, I am ashamed that these know nothing bandwagon fans support my team. Ghost didn’t lose us the game, it was the offensive line that couldn’t give brady any time and brady was hit for a game high 23 times!

    • Amen given the record Brady broke of quarterback getting hit the most ever. We did very good. If he would of had time to take decisions he usually does, blowout definitely. Think about it they caught up but supposingly Denver deffence was orchestrating throughout the whole game. Honestly we will never know who really won that game so in my book that was one of Brady’s most brilliantly played game.

  22. funny how they blame the kicker for something from the first quarter. how about the rest of the game where the offense couldn’t do anything? It may have tied the game in the end, but doesn’t mean a victory in overtime.

  23. These people are idiots. This was not his fault at all. So what if he missed the extra point, that wasn’t the issue. Remember the last time we tied Denver to go to OT? Yea, didn’t exactly win that one either. The extra point didn’t matter. What mattered was not kicking 2 fucking field goals! Then a third would have won us the game. Or kick one fucking field goal, and the TD wins us the game. Or kick 2 fucking field goals score a TD and we really fucking win the game. This loss is all on Belichick. Yes, Brady should have been more careful with the ball, but ultimately we were in a position to not tie, but win at the end. Belichick blew it.

  24. What do you expect from Boston fans. The same fans who not only said stuff like this, but hurled racial slurs at 2 different black hockey players who scored goals to beat them in playoff games.

  25. Gostkowski thank you for all your hard work. All Pat’s you’ll Bad in a good way bad, lol.
    You were the one NFL kicker that held 500 and something straight no miss that means 2014 Super Bowl Champs would have never happened. May you find healing knowing that we are all tested. Our souls are tested and may yours not walk around feeling all this hate. We are all used to test others now you show your children that even the perfectest kicker isnt perfect. Pray for Gods children saying all these horrible things to you and with that prayer God will begin to heal your pain. Bless you and we won regardless. Shame on all of you, need to get back on here and show support, repent and apologize.

  26. Every team has shitty fans like these… Nothing we can do about it… Guy messed up, still one of these best kickers of all time. It happens…. Well be back….

  27. Let me just say that, as a true Pats fan…every one of the supposed fans that spent their evening bitching, berating, and in some cases literally wishing death upon Gastowski, I would love to see them get off their pathetic couch-surfing arses and do something with their life that amounts to a fraction of what Gastowski has accomplished in his tenure with the Pats.

    Get over it, people. Pats lost…that’s how games are played. There are winners and losers. 2016-17 will be another chance. Frankly, I’m glad…Pats would’ve been hobbling their way into the superbowl against a Carolina team that’s been eating teams up like runny oatmeal…we would’ve gotten clobbered and I, for one, am glad we’ve been spared the embarrassment of that. Lucky Manning…he gets to deal with that headache now.

  28. I wouldn’t blame belichicken for the 2 field goals he could have took but didn’t either. The idiots don’t have a clue about football. Oh. And for those who can’t add, you lost by 2. Gostowskis kick would have only gotten you 1. So you still lose. Lmfao. And yes every fan base has them, but pats fans have been proven to be the worst when they lose lol.

    • Let me break it down for you. It meant that they wouldn’t have had to have gone for 2 points just a reg extra point. That would of meant that most likely the best NFL kicker ever would have made the second kick also and then over time. Hope it helps you understand Dwayne Hall. We understand the game of football is really hard to understand but maybe if you wouldn’t be busy disrespecting others name you would know that already. Grown man talking like your in high school still. That’s the problem now a days. How do you correct your children on bullying others when all these grown folks are so quick to fill their own little hearts with hate. I’m happy for Manning it was set up for Manning and Kubiak to go. It was their time to be blessed is all. Lol crazy how even Peyton most reason commercial even has him singing about his comeback on the ping pong table. It’s written already get over it!

  29. You know, I’m not even a Pat’s fan, but I even find all of this very distasteful. It’s not like this has never happened in football history and I bet nobody is more upset with themselves than gostkowski is. Also I would like to see most of these idiots even attempt to make a free kick without the pressure, let alone with it. Also it’s easy to talk all big on the internet, I’d like to see them say this kind of garbage to his face.. You call yourself fans? I call all of you a bunch of winey bitches.. And this is why o don’t bet on football games, like I’m sure most of these bags did, you never know what can happen.. Get a life.

  30. Wow, I’m a Pats fan but these people are mentally ill, it’s a game with no beneficial outcome for you except bragging rights. How about you grow the hell up douchebags?

        • That deflation stuff is so ignorant. The refs
          had the balls the whole first half if they didn’t notice it until a Colts player supposingly said something shows you how even Tom Terrific couldn’t have known. Evidence: probably more yes then not that he knew. Who releases that kind of statement without no real evidence. Next Tom should sue them for defamation/assassination of character. You look old enough to think for yourself not all the funny jokesters out there.

  31. No ones perfect. Things happen. If your a real patriots Fan, you would say “nice try, it was a close game, you did your best under these circumstances”. You all should be ashamed of yourself for how rotten you spoke. There’s a line between being upset and being an asshole.

  32. You yes all of you are idiots. He is the best kicker in the league if you can’t understand that then quit being a patriots fan. Spoiled brat losers we can’t win every year and when we do it will be with the help of gostkowski. If you weally weally need blame to help you feel good the offensive line couldn’t protect brady all and all go cry someplace else it was a great game and we lost.

  33. the problem the patriots only got caught a couple of times cheating, this kicker won more games then the bad sports probably went to the games. Ha, Ha, but glad atleast the super bowl won’t have to be checked for cheating again and again, that the patriots have done the past 20 years.

  34. “@gostkowski FUCK YOU! how do you miss an extra point in the AFC championship game!! That’s why kickers are the worst people

    — eric mastran (@EricMastran) January 24, 2016”

    Not just kickers apparently.

  35. They lost by 2pts not 1. Article is wrong. Not even 2 full paragraphs without a mistake. Daily snark should look at their juvenile writing staff once in a while.

  36. this is nothing compared to what they did to Blair Walsh. when in actuality Walsh did cost his team the win, gostkowski’s did not. these people are looking for a scape goat . tom Brady had 2 interceptions. Denver had 4 sacks. tom Brady was hit a RECORD 20 times in that game. is that gostkowski’s fault ? did I mention he missed the extra point in the first quarter? point your anger in the right direction, it’s not the kicker .

  37. There are some really sick people in our society. Even if this guy was a bad kicker, you don’t wish harm to him or his family. But the guy isn’t a bad kicker. He’s a great kicker. He had made over 500 in a row. It’s a shame he missed one in a big game, but shit happens. And as other have said, Brady even threw a couple of interceptions. Nobody is perfect.

  38. Gostkowski is easily one of if not the best kicker in the entire NFL. Hes been on top last few years Cant believe they are hanging him out to drive over a pat.. what about bradys interceptions… come on guys

    • Your right but even that Brady’s interceptions were all due to him not being protected. Can’t really blame anybody. Everybody I’m sure gave it their all. It was just written for Denver to go to superbowl 50 hopefully Manning can get his 2nd ring he deserves it they beat our Pat’s they played hard. =(

  39. How does it feel to lose by a kick instead of always winning by one. And way to stay classy. How many games has he won for you.


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