People Want To Sacrifice Colin Kaepernick In Exchange For Getting Harambe Back


There’s been a nationwide revolt against 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick over the past 48 hours from football fans and non-football fans alike after his decision to protest the National Anthem.

The last uprising this big was that of the tragic death of Harambe, who was shot after a child somehow fell inside his Cincinnati Zoo enclosure.

Now, people all over social media are (we’re hoping jokingly) are promoting the idea of using Kaepernick as a sacrificial lamb in exchange for the gorilla, who’s now beyond an internet sensation. This is the world and generation we live in. What a time to be alive.


  1. This is fukkin sick!! I love how folks wanna condemn this man for standing or sitting for his beliefs, I am a VET, and I totally agree with him, NO he did not disrespect the veterans, or those still serving, he simply used his voice, his platform (PEACEFULLY) to bring an issue BACK to the forefront as it should be, equal justice for black people, I mean really, a black man can be killed in cold blood, but the police can seemingly ALWAYS deescalate and un-arm a white man, hell they’ll even take him to Burger King after murdering 9 people in cold blood. Here’s the irony in all this, in the past (and even today, depending on the people you associate with, black folks are still being called monkey’s and apes) This man, as we all do, has the right to voice his opinion, and stand up for what he believes in. This is HILFUKKINLARIOUS, because I guarantee, that if his protest was for some bullshyt, like say Gun rights white folks would come out the woodworks in support… It’s like basically voice your opinion as long as it’s something that doesn’t offend white people…OR ELSE there will be hell to pay

    • I am guessing you never read a paper or online news about how more white people are killed EVERY YEAR by police than black people. Ignorance is riddled throughout your highly offensive and uneducated statement. Besides, black people kill more of their own in a month across all US cities than police do all year. Please educate yourself before commenting. Black people with your attitude keep yourselves downtrodden with your own “Poor little me, everyone owes me” attitude. Try to elevate yourself, not constantly bring yourself and others around you down

    • “Ya dog I make millions throwing a ball, but deez black folks be all oppressed n sheet”
      Even doe we only 4% of population and commit 60% of violent crime it’s cause of dat oppression yo

    • So because the cops didn’t want to violate Dylann Roof’s rights, you’re angry? Maybe they wanted to make sure there was no possible way the little bastard would get out of going to jail for his crimes, and following procedure to the letter is one way to make sure the blame doesn’t fall on them for him getting away with it. That little shit could have legitimately sued the cops for withholding food from him. And they didn’t “take him to Burger King”. Get your facts straight, they brought food to him, in the station. Sheesh.

      I agree, Kraperdick has every right to his freedom of speech, but we have every right to call him a jackass for it, too. He is as privileged as any other person who lives in America. And the BLM movement is based on lies anyway.

      • The jackasses r the ones who took prayer out of school, the jackasses r the white parents who took their kids out of school cause they didn’t want them to listen to President Obama, an that’s pathetic. The only thing y’all do is watch tv ” fox news” an try to find something to bitch about ,an to top it off wasted 8 years of your life hating on President Obama. Sick minded fucks

    • Funny, I see he doesn’t have an issue cashing big AMERICAN PAYCHECKS that white people helped him get as well as black? And live in his big AMERICAN MANSION? AND BREATHE FREE AMERICAN AIR THAT THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO FIGHT UNDER THAT FLAG PROVIDE FOR HIM?? SIT THE F*** DOWN.

      • Ya know I don’t have an issue cashing my American check, living in my nice Ameri house, nor do I have an issue breathing American air, ya know especially since I was one of those men the served my country and fought for the right to do so, much like I fought for Colin’s right to freedom of speech, and the right to protest. Imma need you to not be dumb, and realize this man has used his voice to effect change, and shed light on a subject that needs to be addressed. Like I said I bet if he was protesting gun laws y’all shole would love him, but this makes you uncomfortable so as is the norm of course you will try to tear down another black man… Land of the Free, huh doesn’t seem like Colin is free to voice his opinion at all…

    • I am an HD veteran,who feels disrespected by Colin? If i were a Zoo Official,and Kapaernik fell in Harambe’s pen -i would have shot Kapaernik-twice motherfucker!!!

  2. I have the same amount of respect for Colin Kaepernick that I have for Kayne West – oh yea and for Adolf Hitler, O J Simpson, Jeffrey Dahlmer a toilet bowl full of diarrhea etc.

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