Perrish Cox Flop Calls Game Winning TD Back For Saints

We know it’s commonplace in soccer and basketball, but now…sadly, it’s made its way into football. Yes 300 pound grown men who throw themselves into the air to get a call. In the final minutes of Sunday’s Saints vs 49ers game in New Orleans, a beautiful throw and catch from Brees to Jimmy Graham was called back via offensive pass interference on what the refs thought was a push off by Cox’s flop.


  1. I’m a die hard niner fan. I have to admit, this was bullshit. This should have been a Saints touchdown/win. The whole world saw the replay, and saw what really happened. The fact that the called stood regardless of what the whole world saw, is sickening. The league needs some fixin’, and not the referee type of fixin’

  2. Wouldn’t have mattered. Saints still clear pushed. Regardless of the player falling down. Still would’ve been offensive pass interference. Player didn’t need to over sell it though


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