Rams vs Cowboys In LA Will Be The Most Attended Preseason Game In U.S. History With 90k Tickets Sold


Football returns to Los Angeles on Saturday night, and many wondered how receptive the football fans of LA would be of their team once taken away from them back in town. Well if you wanted to grab a ticket for tonight’s game, good luck. There are probably none left.

The Rams announced Saturday afternoon that they are approaching 90,000 tickets sold for Saturday’s preseason match up verses the Dallas Cowboys at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (the Rams’ temporary home until their stadium is completed). If and when that number is reached, Saturday’s contest will be the most attended NFL preseason game in American history.

The demand was so high for tickets to the Cowboys game — the first NFL game in L.A. since 1994 — and to the Seahawks home opener that the Rams decided to make more seats available in areas of the Coliseum they originally planned not to sell.


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