Roman Harper Says He Cracked His Helmet Trying To Tackle Marshawn Lynch

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For those that think Marshawn Lynch is losing his “beastmode,” just ask Panthers safety Roman Harper.

The Seahawks running back who missed nine games this season due to hamstring and abdominal injuries, only rushed six times for 20 yards after returning to play in Seattle’s 31-24 loss to the Carolina Panthers in the divisional-round matchup on Sunday afternoon.

So one could easily assume the 29-year-old running back is probably not in peak form. But rest assured, those 20 yards Lynch ran for against Carolina were not fluffy or light work. Roman Harper can attest to that.

The Panthers safety posted a video to Instagram showing his helmet after Sunday’s game, showing a huge crack that extends from the edge of the helmet to the ear hole, saying that the helmet nearly broke after trying to take down Lynch, saying beastmode is still alive.

Harper is all to familiar with trying to tackle Lynch, as he was part of the play which created the whole ‘beastmode” saga, as Lynch exploded for a touchdown breaking tackle after tackle against Harper’s Saints back in 2011.

Many think Lynch, the Seahawks centerpiece, won’t be back with the team, but only time will tell.

(h/t Bleacher Report)


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