Someone Created Fake Online News Articles Claiming Redskins Have Changed Their Name

We’ve seen trolls created fake Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer and Adrian Wojnarowski accounts and spread false news to try and freak out the sports fans before. But we’ve never quiet a troll move like this before.

Earlier today, someone, created fake web sites designed to look like the Washington Post, ESPN and Sports Illustrated and published news stories claiming the Washington Redskins would be changing their controversial name to the Washington Redhawks:

Whoever did this, went above and beyond, as they even created a fake Washington Redhawks website, with a fake announcement. The faux news sites look very much like the real ones, with only a minor hidden change in the website’s URLs:

The troll job gained so much steam and tricked so many people, that it forced the Washington Redskins to release this statement:

I actually like the sound of the “Washington Redhawks” a lot.