Someone Put Together A Bracket For The Most Annoying People In Sports Media

The guys over at Get Spun have done something amazing in the light of March Madness – a bracket consisting of the the 64 most annoying people in sports media today, which is about everyone.

The-64-Most-Annoying (1)

They held a poll on their website for each round, and this is the result:

(Click to enlarge)

944851_986490644780650_7468276863301941061_n (1)

I think we can all agree on the winner.


    • “It’s appropriate that the Goodyear blimp is here tonight…as both of these teams have had a good year.” – Tim McCarver (Braves vs. Pirates 1991)

  1. Michelle Beadle should have at least made it to the Final 4

    also, no way Skip Bayless is more annoying than Cowherd. Skip Bayless has actually gotten better over the years while Cowherd seems to double down on his Fox News-like talking points? remember John Wall? dude STILL won’t apologize.

    • Bayless? Less annoying that something else? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Cowherd is annoying, but he’s like a sunny spring day compared to Bayless.

  2. The fact that Joe Buck didn’t even make it into the Final Four makes me think most these folks who voted are deaf.

  3. I have a super Cinderella bracket going here. Final Four: Joe Buck, Jemele Hill, Jim Rome, and I’m writing in Sage Steele in the Bayless region. If we’re just talking “annoying”, they all have a chance. If we’re also considering ignorance and racism as “annoying”, then Jemele will be cutting down the nets in back-to-back blowouts.

  4. I’m calling bullshit and say this whole bracket is a bust. Motherfucking Joe Buck is why I hit the ESP button on my remote and thank swaddled little 8lb 6oz baby Jesus that I’m bilingual!!!!!

  5. Collinsworth is a 16 seed?! c’mon man! Top 5 at least! I have to mute SNF every week because of this guy.

    …and Skip Bayless should’ve won this by a landslide…he’s ALWAYS wrong!


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