Someone Put Together A Bracket For The Most Annoying People In Sports Media


The guys over at Get Spun have done something amazing in the light of March Madness – a bracket consisting of the the 64 most annoying people in sports media today, which is about everyone.

The-64-Most-Annoying (1)

They held a poll on their website for each round, and this is the result:

(Click to enlarge)

944851_986490644780650_7468276863301941061_n (1)

I think we can all agree on the winner.

  • Patrick Conner

    How the hell was Jim Rome a 16 seed? He did make it to the final 4, tho….

  • Gregg Travis

    Where is Shannon Sharpe? hublublublub denver broncos blublublublub

    • Charles

      Same with Michael Irvin. He definitely would’ve made my final four.

  • Rick Snow

    Where the HELL is Bob Costas?

    • James Greenberg

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

      • Gary “Gambz” Gambino

        Costas is a god.

        • James Greenberg

          The God of Shitmouth. Yes.

  • James Greenberg

    Tim McCarver should get an honorable mention, even if he is retired.

    • scottcrow

      “It’s appropriate that the Goodyear blimp is here tonight…as both of these teams have had a good year.” – Tim McCarver (Braves vs. Pirates 1991)

  • James Greenberg

    How did Joe Buck not make it out of the 2nd round?!

    • The Bat Man

      How did he now win? That is the real question.

      • Kyle Lang

        Go watch one episode of Whatever it is Stephen A and Skip are on and you will understand completely. Most annoying crap in all of sports

        • You mean Screaming A. Smith and Skip Baseless 😀

          • katherine25141

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  • Tee Love

    Michelle Beadle should have at least made it to the Final 4

    also, no way Skip Bayless is more annoying than Cowherd. Skip Bayless has actually gotten better over the years while Cowherd seems to double down on his Fox News-like talking points? remember John Wall? dude STILL won’t apologize.

    • Nick Munyat

      Bayless? Less annoying that something else? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Cowherd is annoying, but he’s like a sunny spring day compared to Bayless.

  • HeatFan786

    Why is Papi on this list? He is hilarious.

  • Wendi Hays

    The fact that Joe Buck didn’t even make it into the Final Four makes me think most these folks who voted are deaf.

  • Jackwagon

    Well this is your opinion, in my opinion Joe Fuck, and Troy Assman should be heading this list!!!

  • Jeff Johnson

    I have a super Cinderella bracket going here. Final Four: Joe Buck, Jemele Hill, Jim Rome, and I’m writing in Sage Steele in the Bayless region. If we’re just talking “annoying”, they all have a chance. If we’re also considering ignorance and racism as “annoying”, then Jemele will be cutting down the nets in back-to-back blowouts.

  • Charles

    Erin Andrews, Keith Olbermann and Jim Rome should’ve been seeded much higher.

  • Meepzy

    Skip should have won. At least Smith has a good point once every hundred years.

  • Omar C Perez

    I’m calling bullshit and say this whole bracket is a bust. Motherfucking Joe Buck is why I hit the ESP button on my remote and thank swaddled little 8lb 6oz baby Jesus that I’m bilingual!!!!!

  • Matt

    Chris Collinsworth should’ve been seeded much higher as well.

  • The championship could have gone either way 😀

  • Tyler Wood

    I guess you could say that their FIRST TAKE was that Smith and Bayless are just dreadful.

  • Gary “Gambz” Gambino

    Buck, Bayless, Nantz, Simms.

  • David Krueger

    Collinsworth is a 16 seed?! c’mon man! Top 5 at least! I have to mute SNF every week because of this guy.

    …and Skip Bayless should’ve won this by a landslide…he’s ALWAYS wrong!

  • Beau Bradshaw

    Who did the seeding? Jim Rome a 16 seed? LOL