Texans Fans Go On Anti-Brian Hoyer Rampage On Social Media Yesterday

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Lets just say Brian Hoyer is the most hated man in Houston right now. The ringleader of SIS could walk up into the city and they wouldn’t even blink an eye. After giving away 4 turnovers in the opening game of the 2015 NFL Playoffs, it;s safe to say the Texans lost because of the struggling QB. The man is a former Brown, did the Texans not see this coming?

Texans fans put Hoyer on blast during and following the embarrassment after the loss, and here’s some of them we’ve found in the thousands upon thousands of social media hate mail this man has been getting.

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  1. Wow. I thought having cross eyed Sam Bradford as our QB was rough. Eagles fans rejoice! It could have been worse… lol

  2. Can you guys please take two minutes to read over your stuff again before posting, to catch the simple ass errors? Basic journalism.

  3. Hi, Texans fan here. I would like the NFL to know we have the worst group of people ever assemble to be called “fans”.

    I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t give a damn about them. You should hear the shit talking when the Texans were 2-5 and the dick riding when they made the playoffs.

    No wonder so many athletes live in Houston but refuse to play for Houston teams.

    • I am a Texans fan as well, and I am also embarrassed by our fan base. I know the guy had a really bad day, but you don’t boo your own team or send him vulgar comments. It’s just not right. The dude knows he messed up and was already feeling bad enough. We didn’t have to add insult to injury.

      I don’t know how far we would have made it, but it might have ended the same way regardless how far we went into the playoffs. We clearly don’t have a superbowl team, and there was a high chance that we weren’t going to make it to the playoffs (early in the season). I was just happy we made it.

  4. Wow, those are hateful comments. I hope Hoyer can come out of this knowing he has work to do and doesn’t take these comments to heart. I thought Eagle fans were bad. True fan stands by their team no matter what.

    • Why does everyone think Eagles fans are tough on players and fansnof other teams? Watch the yountube videos of other team’s fans in action. We are saints compared to most.


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