Texas A&M Unveils Crazy New Lockerooms

We’ve seen an influx in high-tech contemporary uniforms and locker rooms in college football these past few years, arguable all started by Oregon’s movement. Texas A&M’s new lockerooms don’t stray far from the Ducks design, but we must say, these are sick.

Texas A&M is giving Kyle Field a $450 million makeover, so that means the Aggies football team is going to see a lot of cool new perks.The team’s locker room and football headquarters received a nice upgrade as well. From 100 flat-screen televisions to waterfalls to luxurious meeting rooms to even a barbershop, there was a lot of money put into the football facility.

Judging by the pictures and videos as well as the player’s reactions, the renovations were a success:



cd9e7d5caf18a220cae86fa693875e94_original(H/T Bleacher Report)



    • Most major college football programs are not only self-sustaining, they make big bucks for the school.

      Likely that not one nickel of tuition or government money went to this.

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