Tony Romo Shows Up Cowboys Training Camp Looking Unexplainably Fat & Slow


Cowboys fans must have been wondering why one of their offensive lineman was wearing the number 9 while taking the field Saturday at the team’s training camp, until they realized that well, it was their quarterback.

Tony Romo, who’s clearly taken on the 2014 Eddie Lacy offseason diet plan moseyed on into camp today in Oxnard, California look unreasonably fat and sluggish.

The unflattering photo taken of Romo went viral and had Dallas fans concerned their QB was overweight.

Photographers and other media members took pictures and video of Romo and other Cowboys running onto the field Saturday:

Who knows, maybe the weight was intended as extra padding for the all to fragile collar bone this season.


      • HAHAHAH IVE NEVER HEARD ANYONE YELL “BUTTHURT” any louder than you just did. making a petty comment calling out a comment you perceive as petty, but in reality that comment was too accurate/funny for u to handle xD

        This is coming from someone with a DC bedspread and silver/blue walls. Don’t buy into the cowboy denial, our team has been a circus forever. just accept it and have fun

        • You don’t get sarcasm. You don’t know what “petty” means in a sarcastic context. This was actually a compliment for his joke. It is YOU who is butthurt. Please stay in your lane.

          • Nah, you’re just butthurt you aren’t getting them. Which I only say because of this last response. Quite defensive.

            I’m just pointing out that you think you’re in the fast lane. Everyone’s passing you, here, at least.

          • why do you have such a frail ego.. you dont have to make up lies that nobody believes but somehow you convinced urself to half-believe.. like how can you even bring context into this.. when your first comment shows complete lack of it and then you make up a lie to try and give it some? rofl

      • Glad you got the joke! For those who didnt. Google Tony Romo Turnovers, check out the images and maybe you will…

  1. Ummm…the team is trying to say bad camera angle? Nope. Look at his shirt. The way it pulls across his belly…looks like he gained some weight. Either that or he has on like 2 or 3 or 4 shirts.

    • he is wearing 2 shirts at least you can see the dark blue dallas shirt under his jersey and he is probaby also wearing a wife beater under the blue shirt, which once again is under the jersey, and there is your 3

  2. Daily Snark….you people are no better than the paparazzi morons who have nothing better to do than to make up stories to try and sell shit. Get a life.


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