Ten Most Unbreakable Records In Sports

The say records are meant to be broken, but some of them just will never be broken. Some of these records will stand the test of time, immortalizing the players, coaches and teams that accomplished these achievements.

The following are list of the 10 most unbreakable records in sports based off my opinion. I’m not saying these records will never be broken but until someone or some team does actually break this, I will say confidently that these are my top ten most unbreakable records in the history of Sports.

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What do you think is one record in Sports that will never be broken? Let us know with a comment at the bottom!


  1. Cy Young’s wins record and Chamberlain’s 55 rebounds in a game, and 27.2 rebounds per game in ’61 will never, ever, ever be broken.

  2. I doubt Wilt’s 100 point record wouldn’t be broken in a long time, well unless Lebron ballhogs the whole game

      • I don’t know who you are, and you’re comment was written two years ago. Would you like to rescind your comment? LeBron=Ballhog? LeBron is the exact opposite of a Ballhog. He is the Greatest Basketball Athlete to play in the current era. With the current rules as they are. Wilt scored 100 points because he was an Athletic Freak. You put Hakeem, Ewing, Duncan, The Admiral and a healthy Yao MIng in that era, and you will get the same results. I never saw Wilt play, but I would assume the only athlete that we’ve seen dominate his/her sport in such a manner in this era, would have to be Tiger Woods. As Babe Ruth dominated in his era. I would also add a 2000-2004 Barry Bonds (I don’t care what drugs he took, if everybody is taking the same drugs, than its a level playing field in my opinion).

  3. I think they are missing two of the biggest ones out there. John Stockton’s career assist record. 15806 career assists, with the next closest being Jason Kidd at 12091. And Jerry Rice’s career receiving yards. 22895 career receiving yards, with the next closest being Terrell Owens at 15934.

    • Stockton’s difference over Kidd is nothing compared to Gretzky’s point total over Messier. Gretzky has the most points in hockey with 2,857 with Messier second 1,887. Active point leader now is Jagr with 1,868 and he’s 44 years old. Sidney Crosby would have to keep the same scoring pace for 22 more seasons (until he’s 50) to catch Gretzky.

  4. All of you say this why dont you go look up the greatest basketball player in the world wilt Chamberlain and don’t try to argue because numbers don’t lie most assist most points most rebounds basically record for everything lol Michael Jordan is over rated you always hear who is better Michael Jordan or lebron James never Michael Jordan or wilt chamberlain

  5. The greatest record ever is Joe D’s. I’m actually trying to do some research into the streak. The record is impossible to touch. http://goo.gl/b8C6H7, here you will see that Joe D faced the same pitcher in 41/56 games. Those are Complete Games. 43. That is the number of complete games thrown thus far to the All-Star Break in 2016. Joe D, didn’t have to face Lefty Grove thru 6, and then have guys like Andrew MIller, Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman to deal w/in the 7,8 or 9th Inning. Even the great Tony Gwynn might have had a shot at if not for the strike shortened 1994 season, I truly believe baseball has to go back to letting pitchers pitch and hitters hit. The main reason why baseball games are so long is because of all of these pitching changes. From 1972-1977 (take out ’75) Nolan Ryan finished over 85% of his games…and I don’t think he was the league leader. I’d like to see Joe D. come out 0-3 and have to face a guy like Betances in the 7th and then a guy like Chapman in the 9th. Not taking anything away from this record, but to break it in todays modern era, is virtually impossible. Hence my screen name, possibly a more disciplined Mike Trout, with his speed to beat out infield hits, could make a run. Although, I would wager to say a guy like Jose Altuve with his blazing speed, incredible lineup around him and his short but powerful stature could be the man for the job. BUT, the pressure one would face would be OJ like WITH THE INTERNET.


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