Vikings Fans Watching Game Shirtless In -2 Degree Weather

Hi, I’m a Vikings fan, and this is Jackass!

…there always seems to be one, but we weren’t sure today if anyone would dare do it – the the one idiot/borderline hero that decides to go shirtless to watch his team play football in sub zero temperatures.

While you can barley see the skin of the fans around the fan, you can’t even find a piece of clothing on his body from the picture.


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 2.10.57 PM

The game is the third coldest NFL playoff game ever, and has a wind chill of around 20 degrees, making it feel like it’s negative 20.

The air is so frigid the Vikings signature Gjallarhorn shattered and broke into pieces pregame.


  1. What the libral media’s wont tell you is that this men’s shirt’s AND jacket’s were stolen by obummer and his colored mooslim croney’s. Now unfortunately this poor men will freeze to death just like Rustle Wilsons ungloved hand’s.

    • *media *won’t (sure, now you can’t use an apostrophe), *man’s *shirts *jacket *O’bummer *cronies (ignoring you spelling it “mooslim”) *man *Russel *Wilson’s *hands

      Really, you use an apostrophe for the plural of “hand”, but not to say Wilson’s hands? Imbecile.


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